Newbie looking for help

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Newbie looking for help

Hi everyone this is my first time posting anywhere for anything like this. I am 4 and a half months sober from alcohol drank to a black out most nights of the week for a long time. Quit a bunch of times but never really thought of myself as an alcoholic until after I quit this time just always thought I was a young guy who drank too much. Anyways I am dealing with pretty severe post acute withdrawal syndrome involving heavy anxiety serious memory problems and all the other stuff everyone here must know about. But on top of that the for the last few weeks I've been getting headaches sometimes all day sometimes and almost nothing for a whole day. It's like sharp pains in my head that come and go I rarely have to take anything for it but it's worrying me a great deal obviously. I've had my sinuses x-rayed and nothing plus I have been dealing with fairly severe hypochondria and health anxiety since I quit as well so I'm a little tired of calling my doctor can anyone tell me if they have experienced the same as a symptom of PAWS?? If anyone out there could help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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I didn't have this as a symptom of PAWS, but about ten years ago I had a three-month stretch where I had almost daily migraines. X-rays, MRIs, nothing shows up, until one day I'm out shopping and pick up new pillows for my bed ... Solved the problem immediately -- overnight, you might say.

If your pillows are old, they won't provide proper support. If you haven't already done so, give this a try.
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I hope you can get some relief from your headaches. Congrats on 4.5 months sober.
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Congrats good job. Everything your describing seems normal I went through all the same for many months it does get better just have push forward keep reading here and you will gain lots of tips and advice
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Thanks everyone! I will definitely try new pillows haha I have no doubt I need new ones. The worst part is the last few days have been pretty good other than the headaches and just talking about all this has made the anxiety come back big time lol can't win with paws. And I'm studying for exams too so that's just bad timing! Going to go for a walk see if I can clear my head.
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I definitely had the constant, all day headaches. I had them for about the first 2 months then they went away for a couple of months then around 5 to 6 months they came back. For about the last month they are gone again. It was frustrating but not debilitating for me. Hang in there, it does get better!! Things like that serve as my reminder that if I go back to drinking, I'll eventually have to go through the whole long recovery process again. I do not want to restart the clock on that.
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Headaches for me during first 3 months. Random in nature. They paled in comparison to the hangover symptoms I had grown accustomed to. Hope you feel better soon.

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So reassuring to hear that others have had similar experiences especially considering the headaches have been getting worse the last couple days. I'm still going to get it checked out but at least I won't be freaking out as bad until my appointment lol I really appreciate everyone's support I think I'm going to like this page!
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Hi Thisguyissober
Thanks for posting this. I had them really bad at about 7 mos.

I am almost 11 months sober and am probably having some symptoms now. The past 2 weeks I have been having headaches and insomnia.

Your post made me think about what symptoms I had before. And that has to be what this is now, but not so intnese. And I have been really having cravings today.
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