9 Months Today!

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9 Months Today!

Yay for me! (just had to pimp myself, especially since I am not good at saying good things about myself).

I am a sobotage drunk, so I have historically had my worst times when I have done something good, and with sobriety dates I always get wiggy around them. It was no different on this one.

I was sober for 3.5 years and relapsed in April of 2015. Recovering and getting back on track was beyond brutal and hard for me, which really reinforces in me that I might not have any more relapses with recoveries left in me. I can't drink again.

My new sober date is July 10, 2015. Not counting the days this time, not really sure why. I counted every day on my last trip of sobriety. Maybe I am not wanting the daily reminders and pressure as acknowledgement days approach.

If I can keep from drinking before tomorrows meeting, I will pick up my 9 month chip for the second time.

I really admire all of you (us) that are involved in this daily battle, whether this is your first day or you have many years. I now have full respect that no matter how much time of sobriety that I have, I am one drink away from not ever returning again.

I have never been able to drink just one since starting this journey. Really, the first sip it like I lit a fuse that can't be put out.

Thank you for letting me pimp myself today.
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It's a pimp-worthy day Whodathunk! Congrats on your wonderful milestone and thanks for sharing it with us I think it's smart of you to post here today. Countdown to 9 months!
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Congrats! You deserve it.
Be proud of all your hard work! Onward...
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Nine months - well done hun! xx
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Do your best
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congratulations bud
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Nine Months is worth celebrating! Congrats to you.
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Fantastic! Congrats on 9 months and thanks for sharing how you got here. Don't be a stranger!
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You're not shackled to not drinking, you're free from drinking
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That's fantastic! Keep it going.
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Nothing wrong with sharing a milestone
Congratulations Whodathunk

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9 months - so great. Very happy for you, Whoda.
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Congrats on nine months sober!
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happy for you
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Way to go man. 9 months is a milestone. Just keep surrendering to sobriety. It gets better. You know this.
Once again, CONGRATS on 9 months. Thats AWESOME
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