My best years are behind me.

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My best years are behind me.

This kinda sounds like a quick cop out .Sorry I'm old ,& unemployed , Can't get any insurance at all ' can't get A job, after 2 years and once again can't get any satisfaction at all ..except a 12 pack of beer. good luck you guys&girls . Take care. Bullmas
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You have several anxiety disorders, you probably know that drinking will exacerbate it all.

Many here including myself are familiar with the desire to drink our fears away but all it does is set you back.
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now's the time
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Where does the 12 pack lead except to being old, unemployed, uninsured, and in poor health? It's not a way out of anything. I don't know how to solve those problems, they're real problems. But having recently nearly drank myself to death, it's not peaceful. If there were a way to peacefully use the amount of alcohol that we would like without making ourselves sick and desperate, we wouldn't be alcoholics.
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Stick around with the rest of us old folks. It sounds like life is extra tough right now for you so maybe staying in touch here might help. We're friendly Please take care, and jump in to talk whenever you like.
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Yeah it does sound like a cop out, Bullmas.

I'm sorry it's hard, obviously, but drinking will only make it harder, man.
No one comes to SR because drinking makes their life awesome.

Drinking doesn't make it more likely you'll get insurance or get a job - you know it makes it much much more difficult.

It took me a year or more to sort my life out when I quit drinking.

If you've been drinking for a long as I did - decades - it's a long game, bullmas - but not as long as slowing dying an alcoholic death.

I hope you'll reconsider tomorrow. You must have things in your life you treasure.

Fight this, or you may lose those things.

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Don't know how old you are, but I can relate. I have had these feelings.

There's other ways to think about this though. Some questions: is the answer to wasted time more wasted time? Is your employment the only way to measure your usefulness? Is it possible to have good days and years when your history isnt that good?

Speaking from my own experience, I've found there is joy and things to be grateful for all around me, pretty much all the time. Paying attention helps.

Please don't give up. Open your mind to the possibility that the peace and happiness you deserve may not look exactly like you think it should. Practice (or pretend) optimism.

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Do your best
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That sounds so defeatist drinking is never the answer
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That's a real shame. Before you leave us . Can you tell me what breed the dog is in your profile. He looks amazing, I Love bull breeds, but have never seen anything like this one.
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Like Dee said, it takes awhile to fix the mess we've all dug for ourselves.

It isn't over as long as you say it isn't.

Maybe turning this around in itself is the journey you were meant to take Bullmas
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An alcoholic death is so very ugly and hard for those we leave behind. Just the truth.
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Originally Posted by bullmas View Post
Im grateful I have the strength to try again. Thanks
What happened to this bullmas?
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Your best years can be ahead of you. Start thinking that way. One thing at a time. Ditch the alcohol because if you don't, you'll be old and unemployed and dying of cirrhosis or a blackout and fall with no insurance.
Lots of us are old and our best days are definitely ahead of us because we don't drink. I see people in their 70s and 80s getting new jobs and college degrees. It's never too late to turn things around.
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Originally Posted by bullmas View Post
This kinda sounds like a quick cop out orry I'm old ,& unemployed , Can't get any insurance at all ' can't get A job, after 2 years and once again can't get any satisfaction at all ..except a 12 pack of beer. good luck you guys&girls . Take care. Bullmas
Remove "kinda" and you've hit the nail on the head Bullmas. A 12 pack will bring you no satisfaction either, just more misery, guilt and shame piled on top of all the rest of it.

I hope you reconsider - none of the things you mentioned have stopped others from getting and staying sober.
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Bullmas I just left a meeting of 15-20 expats here in Cebu, Philippines. Many over the age of 60, some with younger families at home. Most with long term sobriety. They all looked pretty happy to me and several shared that they were "living a life beyond their wildest dreams."

It's all up to you, man.
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Bullmas, don't get back on the crazy train...that's what I call it anyway. Nothing good comes of it, which you already know. Stay sober, you can find that place of peace, even though we are getting older. Hang in there brother!

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What leviathan said.

I'm sorry things are so tough.

I hope you'll reconsider. You are still a worthwhile person. I hope that even if it isn't the life you would have chosen, you can still find your own kind of peace in sobriety.
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You're still alive, you aren't pushing up daisies yet are you?
Only you can decide if the best years are behind you or in front of you. But this is for certain, the things you desire, want, or need isn't going to be found at the bottom of a bottle (or a can). You may as well hang out with the rest of us here, you could do a lot worse as far as company goes!
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bullmas, I know how you feel. I get that way myself. I try not to stay in that state of mind. The sun comes up every morning and it will again tomorrow.

Best Wishes
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How are you today bullmas?
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A Day at a Time
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There are millions of very poor very happy people. Things don't make us happy. We make ourselves happy.

I am sad everyday but I am happy. I have been granted a lot of gifts mixed with some devastating hardships.

I quit drinking at 53 and will turn 60 soon. I honestly believe I have been granted a second life and I plan to make the most of it.

The last 7 sober years have been the best of my life because I created my own luck when I quit drinking
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