My best years are behind me.

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Bullmas im praying for ya. Dont check out this way. Its the disease telling you you're worthless. Don't buy it.
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Please post bullmas--doesn't matter if you've been drinking or not,
just check in--
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Originally Posted by leviathan View Post
Don't know how old you are, but I can relate. I have had these feelings.

There's other ways to think about this though. Some questions: is the answer to wasted time more wasted time? Is your employment the only way to measure your usefulness? Is it possible to have good days and years when your history isnt that good?

Speaking from my own experience, I've found there is joy and things to be grateful for all around me, pretty much all the time. Paying attention helps.

Please don't give up. Open your mind to the possibility that the peace and happiness you deserve may not look exactly like you think it should. Practice (or pretend) optimism.

Beautiful empathy! Hope you felt it too Bullmas.
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Never heard of anyone winning a war by surrendering.

You can find happiness, no doubt.
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A Day at a Time
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Originally Posted by Thumpalumpacus View Post
Never heard of anyone winning a war by surrendering.

You can find happiness, no doubt.
All we do is join the winning side
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Altho I'm 64, I think my best years are ahead of me, not behind. Now that I'm sober I'm making a good life for myself, better than it ever was before.
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Grey Power!
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paging bullmas. . .
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one thing that keeps me from drinking again is the panic attacks. I do ponder myself tho if not for them would i go back to it? I dunno i guess things would have to really wear me down. but then theres hangovers and being broke and obsessing about how many are left. and empties all over the place and waking up half dead and the dry mouth each morning. getting so drunk wondering if i'll wake up the next morning waking up wanting to die

etc... etc.. etc..

I dunno I just dunno that i'd wanna go back to all that.
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how are you bullmas?
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I thank everyone here with all the heart felt comments , , my doctor say he can no longer write scripts for hydrocodone 10.0 which kept my Rheumatoid arthritis pain to a quiet screaming roar ::B/C the drug has been reclassified sch. 3 to sch 2,, I'm self medicating my dumbass again , if I shake this or a miracle cure comes along A wheel chair is my home Cheers, bullmas
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There must be other treatments available Bullmas.

If your current Dr won't help you find alternatives, maybe you need another Dr?
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RA sucks! I have a family member with it and was getting worse and worse.. She decided to go the natural route with a lot of success. She was afraid of the meds as they made her feel like a zombie and she only saw more meds on the horizon. Please check out other options. I am seriously so proud of her and her strides to living a healthy, active life without the prescriptions. As Dee said, there are alternatives, and there are Doctors who get it and willing to work with folks in bad financial/insurance situations.
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I also have friends who deal with more natural methods and changed their diets, etc. with great results.

Please think about this idea and maybe do a little research bullmas--you are worth it.
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I am in almost the same situation. No job, no insurance and unemployment ran out long ago. Except that I haven't used Rx for my ra. Alcohol made my pain much worse and my stomach was so effed up I could not take aspirin. Now I have been managing it with MSM and aspirin.
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"This kinda sounds like a quick cop out .Sorry I'm old ,& unemployed , Can't get any insurance at all ' can't get A job, after 2 years and once again can't get any satisfaction at all ..except a 12 pack of beer. good luck you guys&girls . Take care. Bullmas"

bullmas I logged on to post the above. I read this before when you 1st posted it and saw it again.

I had a really bad day and was thinking of resetting my clock today. Some days are just so ****** I wonder what's that point of being sober.

I've been interviewing forever and just got an almost instant rejection after one I had yesterday.

The interviewer almost gave it away as we were talking but waited a day. Sometimes I can see it in their faces, sometimes they don't bother to hide it and sometimes they are outright rude.

I am doing temp work and walked outside to a bathroom 2 blocks away to cry when I got the email so no one would walk in on me.

I keep on thinking I am closer to the grave than anything else. But not close enough.

So I went to a meeting. I hadn't been to that one before. Everyone was really young.

And I am working on my pain. I have to remember to stretch and take aspirin and msm. I buy it in bulk and mix it with other supplements (inositol, l-glutamine and dmae) in water. Though I think the aspirin does the most good they do work best for me together.
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