Joy in living

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Joy in living

I fully realize we are all at different stages of disease and it is part of the process to discuss and digest items that are difficult. We have all been there. It would be helpful and fun to have a thread where people discuss things that are uplifting and cool about their sobriety. If people can never see the good part or feel good about it, it becomes daunting and feels pointless. Maybe have a permanent thread where people randomly post things like, Took my kids to the zoo and enjoyed the day because I did not think about booze. Helped a homeless guy get a bite to eat. Took a fellow drunk to a meeting. Bought a luxury car with the savings from booze and idiotic behavior. Etc. It would be fun to check in and see and show people struggling really cool stuff that can happen during recovery. Just a thought.
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Good for you.
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My point was during my initial recovery it was helpful to me to see people who had come out the other side with some cool stuff to say about the journey. You can find the stories just that it takes some effort. My point was not about how grand my life is look at me etc.
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It's really good of you to do those things, I am sure the people you helped appreciated it and who knows, maybe it will make a difference in their lives.

I am only 37 days into recovery and it has been far from a walk in the park however things are falling into place faster in many areas than I would have dreamed, yes I still have struggles but I focus on the positive side and have been quite content with the progress in all areas.

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I have two daily rewards for staying sober. The first is waking up feeling good and the second is my pets' good health and well being.
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I have so many - this weekend was especially great though.

I got up on Saturday morning and drove to Cambridge where I took part in the first of a course of Creative Writing workshops at the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (like I'd have ever done THAT when I was drinking!!) and was even brave enough to read some of my writing out to the group (although my stuff is more Pam Ayres than Jane Eyre), then in the evening met up with 2 of my AA friends and went to Ely Cathedral where we huddled under a blanket together to listen to Ruby Wax talk about her new book 'Mindfulness for the Frazzled' - I'm full of gratitude for the peace and serenity I can find any time in that old building (as people have done for 900 odd years). I would never have felt that the cathedral was a place for the likes of me when I was drinking, but now it is a part of my life as I take part in things going on in the community (I don't just mean services - but author events; fairs; art exhibitions; theatre; foodie things; etc. - but life for me now extends beyond bars / pub life or just work.

When I think how easy it would have been for me to miss the opportunity to get out of my old existence and learn a new way of doing things it makes me shudder. I thank God every day that I escaped my old self (my ego I suppose). And although I'll still be a mardy mare on the outside on Monday morning - really I am happier and freer than I ever have been.
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Bec you are too awesome! I could just imagine how good it felt!
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Beccy you're an inspiration.
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Something positive?
Ok my house doesn't smell like stale beer, rotten food, cigarettes and beer farts. Now it's incense, scented oil, furniture polish, and the homemade chili on the stove. I smell better also. Rediscovered the joy of showers and deodorant
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Funny Stang!! Classic
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I was awake all day today and after picking up and doing dishes, etc. the main level of the house actually looks presentable. A pretty stark contrast to last Sunday when I finished drinking my way through a marathon session of Nurse Jackie.
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Stang, you are too much. LOL

I think the biggest joy for me is just being fully PRESENT in everything I do, whether it's work, taking care of my disabled son, and just going about everyday life. When I was drinking, the smallest of tasks would overwhelm me. I would dread going to the grocery store, driving to work in the dark every morning, and coming home after working all day to another 6 hours of caring for my son. I thought I drank so that I could cope, but drinking only made it so I COULDN'T cope. Even the smallest, most mundane tasks like taking a shower, doing my makeup and hair in the morning, and getting my son ready for school seemed as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest.

Now (even though I'm struggling with insomnia) I get out of bed, make my coffee, shower and get ready for work with no issues. I am taking better care of myself, my son, my house, my cat, and my work responsibilities. I come home at the end of the day and fix a healthy dinner for us, and then spend the rest of the night doing something I enjoy like watching a good movie, reading, or keeping my hands busy with some kind of craft. It may sound boring to someone who has never struggled with alcoholism, but I'm sure all of us can understand how joyful it can be to be able to just do normal, everyday things without struggling through them and actually enjoying them. I even enjoy doing dishes these days!

Thanks for a great thread. There definitely is joy in the simple things.
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Earlier this week, my daughter relieved me of my credit and debit cards (with good justification), leaving me with $7. I bought a lighter with the first $2 and handed the other 5 to a guy who asked me for a quarter. It was such a small thing to do to make someone's day.
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I was able to hold a short conversation with a group of women at the store the yesterday, it felt good to interact with other people randomly. Its usually im in and out of the store with the fear of talking to anybody because I probably smell like liquor, and holding my breath the whole time so nobody smells me. Also being able to speak loudly so others can hear me feels great, I usually mumble or just smirk or nod for the same reasons.
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Jdrc keep with it! Every victory is a blessing!
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