Beyond wanting to drink per say

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I dont like making plans. You want to make god laugh tell him about your plans.
I've never liked that saying. God's got nothing against plans

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You are right zjw this came from someone higher up the totem pole that wants to impress THEIR boss. Geeze. I totally understand, I deal with corporate b.s. too. One of my company's problems is non-stop meetings. Sometimes I think they hold meetings to avoid work! Hey, maybe we need a forum just for disgruntled employees 😟
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
I've never liked that saying. God's got nothing against plans

Yeah I dont think god has nothing against plans. think we just seem to think we are in control of the future and Gods like lol thats pretty funny. I dunno tho given my beliefs I think having my "plans" fall apart helps keep me in check and from thinking I can control everything when I clearly cant control everyhting. I dunno from my perspective I'd prefer to be dependant on God.

but this is just an opinion lol.
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