Treatment for alcohol addiction

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Treatment for alcohol addiction

Iím in a terrible situation. Really donít know what to do. At my school days, I was addicted to alcohol. But when I realised that Iím addicted to it and itís not good for me. I tried to quit it. The withdrawal symptoms were really hard, but I managed it with my self-confidence, after that I never used it. But things had changed so fast after my marriage. We(me and my husband) love to party overnight with friends and started drinking together at times. We didnít realise that we are addicted to it until we had lost all our savings. Now, we want to get rid of it. But donít know how. I already started to face it, but the withdrawal symptoms are really hard. So thinking of joining a rehab center in Toronto (Edgewood). But which treatment is better? Can we get treatment together?
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Welcome Holy,
this is a good place to ask such questions. In my experience alcoholism is not like any other illness. You go to a doctor with an infection, he gives you antibiotics, you are cured. You go with a broken leg, the doc puts it together for you.

You turn up with alcoholism and rehabs, doctors, therapists and AA can help, but none have the power to fix you like a broken leg gets fixed. Recovery from alcohilism takes a lot of hard work on our part. We have to be willing to make changes in our lives, in our way of thinking etc. There are simple answers but they are not easy.

Not to sure about taking couples in treatment. There might be some issues and concerns there. It seems we have to want to get well for ourselves. If we tie our recovery to another person, we are probably headed for trouble.
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Hi and welcome holymcl45ain

Some people get sober through rehab, others see a Dr or counsellor, others use a recovery group like AA or some other alternative.

I think it's a good general rule of thumb to explore all the options available to you

Drug and Alcohol Helpline

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Welcome Holy
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If you are able to take advantage of a medical detox or if you think you need rehab, I would recommend. I've done neither, but I hear nothing but good things about it. It may save your life.
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i dont think its possible to rate rehabs as eveyone is different.

best advised to go to seperate rehabs. im not the most intelligent person, but just reading you want to get treatment for alcoholismtogether tells me theres deeper issues,too.
you two can get sober and have a great life.
its going to involve lots of work- you work on you and hubby work on hubby.
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Welcome to SR! Glad you've made the choice to quit, it's one you'll not regret in the long term.

Regarding rehab, I'd suggest seeing your doctor or an addiction counselor and explain your situation. They should have information on the local options for you in regards to rehab centers, both inpatient and outpatient.
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Welcome to the Forum Holymcl45ain!!
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Welcome to SR, Holymcl.

Involving your doctor in your recovery plan could be a good first step.

Reading, posting and replying here at ST could be beneficial, too.

Glad you found us.
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It's great that you and your husband want to quit. And it's really good that you'll be able to support each other. But here's my personal take on tying your sobrieties (is that even a word) together. Getting sober is a selfish endeavor. You need to do it for you and not someone else. As long as you each take your own journey and get what you need out of it it will be nice to have someone supporting you. And what you need will probably be fairly consistent with your husbands needs. But do it for yourself first and foremost.
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