Day to Day Physiology and Psychology

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Day to Day Physiology and Psychology

I GOT THROUGH DAY 1!!!! I almost started tearing up how happy that makes me. In an effort to remain accountable and track my progress I'm going to write down how I'm feeling and thinking as well as my physiological responses to alcohol withdrawal and the improvements they tell me lie ahead of it all.

I initially was not going to sleep a wink, usually two hours without drinking, and it's not restful. But I went to the steam room last night and sat in there for a total of 45 minutes and ended up falling asleep for like 6 hours. Making a mental more that this makes me tired/relaxed.

Today is a different story. Shortly after waking up I was paralyzed by anxiety, nausea, my heart started racing, and the shame of some of my actions last week started to overwhelm me. I drove home drunk and early from a party cuz some people there were treating me pretty horribly, while a good chunk of them were trying to stop me. Feeling pretty bad about that one. I have to put on a happy face though and go to technical school and make it through the day.

Here's hoping.
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The anxiety and nausea and feelings of shame and guilt will subside, my friend, stay strong. I just started day 3, and I cant believe I actually was physically able to eat breakfast this morning! Something I haven't been able to do in forever! Its a great feeling of accomplishment as the days pile up! Just keep pushing forward! The rewards are so much better than waking up with regret!
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Do your best
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great to hear, Simply (i'll omit the 'nothing', please) and GMariee,
and yeah, you'll likely experience changes from day to day or even hour to hour or even smaller time increments. there's a reason some compare early sobriety to a rollercoaster

keep going.
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