When someone shows up to a meeting still drunk..

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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post
I've been at AA meetings when drunk people were present. As long as they aren't a physical danger to those around them or disrupting the meeting they were allowed to stay. I was at a meeting where a person was removed too.

It's no different than SR or any other group when you think of it. Some people show up here drunk and post while they are drunk. As long as it's not disruptive they are allowed to continue posting, but if they become a major distraction or belligerent/aggressive they are blocked/banned for a period of time.

Remember, we are all alcoholics and some alcoholics are active alcoholics. It doesn't mean they aren't seeking or worthy of help.
I 5000% agree with this and have experienced this completly agree
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Drunk at meeting

We should never throw a drunk out of a meeting but we also should not be held hostage to their rambling. Yeah I know- most ramble and we are held hostage. Up to the chair person to follow the format.

Chair person: thank you for sharing, we can talk after the meeting. Iím glad you are here please keep coming back. Next.

QUOTE=zjw;5500695]I went to a meeting last night and a guy came in still drunk and not just drunk but pretty bombed. Of course he wanted to share his words of wisdom if it where me I probably would have been inclined too as well course I woulda never made it to a meeting so kudos to him for that!

It raised a lot of questions in my head like gee How often does this happen? How common is this? what the proper course of action? what if this guy gets a bit out of control?

The look on the faces of everyone in the room was like "OMG" one lady how ever had this total look of compassion for the guy. I thought I see it i get it you want to have compassion for this man but how when he's not in his right frame of mind.

He was talking out of turn and such and was leaving hte meeting and coming back leaving and coming back.

I guess it was just awkward. But then I get to thinking how did i make others feel when i was drunk? did they feel embaressed to be around me? awkward? who had compassion for me and who didnt?

Anyone here ever drunk at a meeting?

Just curious everyones thoughts this was a first for me. maybe its common i dont get to meetings too often so I dunno.[/QUOTE]
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I havenít ever seen someone still intoxicated at AA, although there is one lady I wonder about. Sheís always yelling and slurring words. I thought that maybe thatís just how she is but who knows.
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If someone was drunk at a meeting I was in, I've never noticed.

Seen plenty hung-over, a few in full withdrawals.

Compassion. If drunks could stop drinking on their own, we would have done it and we'd have little need for AA and the program. If we expected people get sober before joining us, we'd be asking the impossible, and going against the purpose AA exists.

Sometimes I have to remind myself, as much as I enjoy it, AA isn't just there as an opportunity for me to meet my friends and socialize; a place where I get refreshed. AA is there to help others who are still sick and suffering, and they come first. When someone raises his/her hand and admits to attending their very first AA meeting (courage), one of our group makes a point to say, "You are the most important person in the room today."
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Welcome to SR Mishy

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In New York where there are not only active alcoholics but mentally ill homeless people I've seen a meeting chairman stop the meeting and ask for a group conscience about asking the person to leave. If someone refuses to leave the cops are called. AA issued a report, "AA and Security" about what to do if the meeting is disturbed.
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