the struggle

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Angry the struggle

Day two stole money out of my sisters wallet to buy booze walked to my car and turned around and went back in the house and told on myself. I had four years before but when I went to my 14th mental hospital I realized I'd always have schizophrenia so I drank the f it's. All my hospitalizations I was sober no alcohol or drugs just mental illness. I need to stay sober but I struggle with self pity cause I'm mentally ill lame excuse. Acceptance is the answer not to all my problems but with my alcoholism and schizophrenia. A lot of people have it much worse I'm ungrateful calling tomorrow to do outpatient treatment hope it helps.
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Best of luck with the outpatient, I truly hope it helps.
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Best of luck.I'm glad you didn't drink. It sounds like you have a lot to manage, please keep coming back here for support.
We all care about you.
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calling salvation army tomorrow they have outpatient so I feel good about it they also have AA meetings which is good cause most meetings were I'm from all have long term sobriety no one sits at the first step table even though I know I'm powerless and my life's unmanageable and I have been through the steps more then once. I like being around people who are trying to get long term sobriety from ground zero.
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Hi max, that took a lot of willpower to go back into the house. I think you can do this.
Is there a mentoring program anywhere for people with dual diagnosis? It might be good to speak to others with your condition who have it under control.
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FG I had alcoholism under control for four years now I have schizophrenia under control for 2years but have been relapsing on alcohol for two and a half years. After my 14th mental hospital totally sober for everyone I said screw you God you won't cure my schiz I'm gonna drink bad idea I became mad at God for years I'm know longer mad at God He love's me and I love Him. I'm gonna see a addiction therapist who specialize's in dual diagnosis but first I have to see him and my appointment is not till the 27th of July. Salvation army doesn't do outpatient only impatient for six months I won't do that. But I see my psych my psychologist and dual diagnosis therapist all at henry ford in the same place all wthin 75 feet of each other so that's good a team working to help me it's what I need day four sober.
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