Hitting a wall

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Hitting a wall

So I have seen this coming for awhile but thought I could just avoid it. I have hit some sort of emotional wall at 8 1/2 months. I honestly just spent the majority of yesterday in bed. For the most part things have been going well. I am pretty comfortable in my new normal. I do still isolate more than I probably should. I still find it a bit difficult to relate to people sober.

I have been meeting new people but it all feels so superficial. I really don't like small talk. It is so freaking boring to me but that is how normal people get to know each other. I just want to dive into a real conversation but that seems to be off putting to most.

IDK, maybe I am just whining but this weekend has been hard. Maybe it's because of the holiday but it feels like more than that. Like I should be taking the next step but I don't know what it is or how to take it....

So I guess my question is, is this normal? Has anyone else really felt a dip around 9 months? I get that this is just life but is there a step I should be taking around now?

I just quit smoking but I don't think that would be throwing my head off this much.

Thanks in advance, any insight would be really welcomed.
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Do your best
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Hi Axiom

When i was around 8 months i was very active in going to AA mtns & i remember a good few ppl telling me to watch out for a slump around the 8-9 month mark i dont know why but i did witness friends relapsing around this time it was really getting to me i was like is this a thing am i next is this part of sobriety somehow

It may be a time when ppl slump idk but what i do know i got more proactive in my sobriety i was doing a few other things to bolster my sobriety anyway but i watched out and stayed vigilant and kept reminding myself of exactly why i got sober

Its understandable that the weekend was hard i had my last real craving just after my first christmas sober i was 5 months then the important thing is you got through it your sober by default your awesome

If you ever want to talk you can drop a msg anytime bud
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I think most of us hit the doldrums at some point.

My advice is to keep steering the right course -reach out for help if you need it...reinvigorate your recovery programme if you need to...

you will feel good again

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I hit a few walls

Keep going, as Dee said. There will be ups and downs. Learn to just go with it.

One key insight sobriety has afforded me is the revelation that I tend to function cyclically.

Also, I was dealing with some years of repressed emotions that had to be dealt with and then released. Our bodies store memories and experiences, and I believe that during all that time spent drinking, my body and hopefully parts of my brain stored away those experiences for me to process later. At least, that's my sober perspective

Down time is necessary to recharge, and there were days and even weeks when lying in bed was "my best" that I could do. As long as you're bouncing back, you should be fine.
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I too quit smoking at around the time frame in sobriety you did. Don't discount how attached we were to tobacco. Many friends tell me it's harder to quit than alcohol. When I quit smoking it put me in a funk for sure.

There's times we just have to let it pass - I have definitely had periods like your describing - kind of going thru one this weekend.

I know there were many times I drank when I was feeling down or bored. Now I
just wait it these moments pass as I know they will

You're not alone

Thanks - your post helped me today
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Maybe write what you are grateful for and how far you've come!

No more hangovers, making messes of things and self, no letting people down

You are sober and this is a miracle!!!

Keep moving forward, things will change for you!!
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I was fortunate because when I put the plug in the jug I also immersed myself in many AA meetings to learn from the old timers the nature of this disease. They did not feed us pabulum, bland or insipid intellectual fare, entertainment. The response many times was “if you’re unhappy with what we offer there’s the door, you’re misery is refundable”

One important thing I learned is that alcohol filled a large void within us for a long time and for recovery I needed to replace the void with healthy thinking and actions learned by way of the AA program with lots of meetings. I also learned that my sobriety had to be my first priority as proved by so many who made other things #1.

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Ironically, here is an article about this called "Hitting a Wall in Sobriety"

Hitting a Wall in Sobriety | The Fix - Page 0
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How long ago did you quit smoking? Depressive moods is a withdrawal sign of nicotene.
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under new management
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Hi Axiom, I quit smoking several years ago and I went through quite a deep depression. I googled smoking cessation and depression and there was a ton of information on it.

I had no idea that I used smoking as a coping method. I thought I was just physically addicted.

I hope things get better for you.

Congratulations on 8.5 months!
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Thank you everyone.

I will focus more on gratitude. Ha, I only quit a week and a half ago. Maybe I am underestimating the recovery by only focusing on nicotine cravings.

I hadn't seen that article yet. I will be sure to read it when I get home tonight.
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