Checking in with you all

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Checking in with you all

Hi everyone

It's been a wee while since I last posted. But the good news is I've stayed sober

However, I've recently had a break up, which has really put my "staying sober strength" to the test.

Because we were together constantly (we got together about 1.5 months after I became sober) it gave me something to do in the evening other than drink (I don't mean that in the bad way it sounds)

But we only broke up 1 week ago, and since then, the boredom has returned. The same boredom that I believe caused me to become an alcoholic in the 1st place.

Thankfully, I haven't been too depressed or anything (it was me that wanted the break up) - but do any of you have any tips on what to do to control the "boredom" / "I need/crave a drink" feelings?

I've tried going for walks, but after a while I get tired

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Sorry to hear of your troubles am. Walking is a good but you can't walk forever of course. Reading, watching a movie, a new hobby, playing an instrument, volunteering your time, the list of "things to do" is nearly endless! Good job on coming here for support too...a much better alternative!
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Start a business (or at least brainstorm and write out something you've always wanted to create)! Draw blueprints, write a biz plan, think about staffing and what youll pay them. And then think about all the ladies you'll get after you open and roll on the dough!

That'll take up your time.
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Here are some really useful SR links

In the first link there are 2 exellent links for urges & cravings
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