4 days 5 hours...about to lose.

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4 days 5 hours...about to lose.


I'm new here...never posted on the newcomers section, but read the posts of others often in the past 4 days whenever I get stressed out.

I'm about to lose it.

My inability to remain calm even for basic things is extreme and I yelled out inappropriately today at my store in front of customers and my staff about something dumb.

It's almost 100 degrees outside...I'm hot as hell, highly stressed out, realizing how dumb people are around us, and am ignoring my girlfriend and others to the point they threaten to leave me.

All I want is an ice cold beer, play battlefield, and sit at home alone.

4 days 5 hours...losing my mind.

The extremes in my AV go strong too. One second I desperately need a drink, a few minutes later I get busy and forget about it. But sitting here around my girlfriends family who are all dumb as bricks...I'm about to lose this battle as there is nothing to occupy my mind.
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From the middle of January to the middle of February is didn't drink anything at all. It was much easier though...I had an end date, I said to myself and everyone around me that I'm only doing it until I close on my new house. I closed, I drank everyday for 45 days.

This time is different though. This is me saying to myself never to drink again. I dunno...maybe my opinion of my situation isn't as bad as I think....
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Do your best
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Welcome to SR nice to meet you
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Wow! Nice job on four days. I was just crawling out of my nest and showering for the first time since I started detoxing on day four. Forget anything resembling functioning. Go buy a pint of ice cream, go home, and watch some bad movies.
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A gratitude journal really helps a lot of people TC...writing down all the good things we all have to be grateful for.

It may seem like the last thing you want to do, but that's probably the very time you need to do it?

Things will settle down emotionally I promise - we all drank for years - give things a little time

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Drinking won't change those around you.
They will still be the same, cold beer or not.

I understand, but I think its also early days for you with not drinking.
In a week you will feel different.
In a month you will feel different again.

Sometimes I know I made things out to be a lot worse, irritating, maddening than they were.
It gave me the excuse to drink.
I realised I had to find other ways to manage the triggers.

You have already said that when you are busy, the triggers are not as noticeable.
I had to keep busy at first, but now not drinking in response to something comes more naturally.
It will do for you too.

Maybe if you can, try remove the triggers, so walk away from people who are annoying you as a way to cope.
I also got myself in the frame of mind, that if I drank in response to the bad thing - the bad thing, whatever it was, person, work, situation - won.

I decided that there was nothing work wise or any annoying person worth drinking over.

I wish you the best xx
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Success. Day 5, here I come.
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See that, proof it's doable, goodonya
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Nice work cheez...talking it through can really help, day 5 should be a good one too.
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well tasty i decided it would be a good idea to drink last night but as usual one went into double figures!today im on day one again and feel dreadfully ill,try and imagine this feeling if you do drink!dont do it its not worth the pain,i wish i could be where you are,try your best not to,best wishes.
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