I'm back

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I'm back

Hello all,

I posted in a few threads here and then pulled a disappearing act (sorry and thank you to everyone who was kind enough to engage).

Things were a bit chaotic at the time but I now have a new job that I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow. It's nothing prestigious but it'll more than pay the bills and will help set me on the right path to financial stability and finally getting myself out of debt once and for all.

Soo, I haven't completely eliminated alcohol but I've definitely cut down on the consistency and amount-mostly because I can't currently afford an expensive habit. After not drinking in about a week, tonight I drank a little less than half of a .75 and I feel virtually nothing (although enough to post here? lol) I know it's stupid but the fact that the bottle is empty is really getting to me...

Just venting but I'd appreciate it if anyone is around and would like to chat... I really can't mess things up with this new job so I might become more of a regular around here since sobriety is obviously the best way to achieve that at this point..
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Sorry... somehow this posted twice
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If you are still drinking, post over to the Newcomer's forum...join a monthly "class" for added support and accountablity. And think about how you are going to carry that decision to get sober into action.
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Welcome back amythyst...Is your plan to quit completely? There's a lot of help here to do so.
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Welcome back amethyst05

whats your recovery plan?

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Originally Posted by amethyst05 View Post
I know it's stupid but the fact that the bottle is empty is really getting to me...
So...are you seeking sobriety, moderation, or what exactly? First things first.
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Welcome back and congratulations on your new job!
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Hi amethyst, glad you made it back!
Try for total sobriety, it can only do you good.
There is so much support here. Congrats on the new job and hoping you will quit drinking and do well at work.
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