I'm missing my screwdriver

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pray for strength
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Hi AF,

Is this an adjustment period then, where you and your therapist are getting used to a pace and rhythm?

Out of habit, when old stuff is getting dredged or life is throwing punches, I generally adjust everything in my life to accommodate and lower the stress as much as possible. For me this means, minimize appointments, commitments, known sources of stress and negativity and maximize basics such as food, shelter, physical activity, sleep, all things truly nurturing.

Similar to others, I did a group mindfulness course and this helps tremendously to stay in the moment wherever I find myself physically and emotionally.

Regarding mindfulness, I will tell you that an area of enormous benefit has been when I drive or am in a vehicle. Learning to notice things and let them go without judgement? Fabulous tool. The other good one is to walk mindfully. Each step with intention. Close the car door, notice each step as you walk to the grocery store doors ("I really could use a good pedicure" Notice the thought, without judgement, out it goes. ), inside, down the aisles, at the checkout, out the doors, back to the car. Whatever comes to mind is OK. No judgement. When my heart aches or things feel heavier than I would like, focusing on other things is such a relief.

Keep looking into that volunteering. Maybe donate a bag of old clothes or 'stuff'? I just moved and donated a bunch of things that I do not use or no longer need. It feels good and benefits both ways. Women's shelter. Foster Parent Association. All sorts of great organizations that can really use time and 'stuff'.

How about a class on how to do something? Woodworking? Drawing? Pottery? Bird watching? Cooking? Knife sharpening?

BTW-I once found a complete ratchet set that came in the most beautiful red metal box for just $2 at a French flea market. So beautiful it was worth toting across the Atlantic. Gorgeous.
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Thanks everyone for the great ideas. You rock!
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Originally Posted by ArtFriend View Post

Need a tool when anxiety and memories come up.

Let's see...wrench? nah... saw? nope... I know! A level!
Levels are fine for the horizontal, but for the vertical we choose the
Plumb Bob!

Keeps us straight on the up and up
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Yoga and meditation help me a lot. Plus I have cleaned every drawer and painted almost every room in the house.
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Originally Posted by ArtFriend View Post
No offence taken Trix! And MMBob... my OP was kind of obscure.

Oh, and I am female type person.
Well Yay Girlfriend! So I must be a female TYPE PERSON too? Good to know that is how we word female on this forum. Good to know drunks are PC people. (especially when we get sober)

so I suppose I will have to talk to the other female TYPE people here to do some Tool Time Bonding. LOL!

I got a lot of my tools at Flea Markets too. I mean amazing what you can get for a few dollars. I always head to the tool tables first. My money is always spent there first. I have tools I still have know Idea what they are for. One day they will come in handy.

I digress--back to sober living!

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Sober Recovery. There's treasure all over this place in terms of craftsman tools!
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LOL! Yeah Tool Time for Women! Cool. You could set that up as specialty group here on the forum.
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Walk to the tool store. Really, just start walking. I found it solves a lot of problems.
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One stop tool shop AF.

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Terrific riff on the toolbox thing, AF!

And yeah, plenty of us 'womyn' (heheh) have hauled their tools around from place to place for years. I have quite a decent collection - including, most recently, a damn good heavy duty drill including for masonry. An American brand, from memory.

Hey Della, seeing you've 'done' your place in terms of drawers and such, will you come over to do mine too? My study in particular needs a really good sort out. It's only a few tens of thousands of miles away from you :-)
x V
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