Care to share about your last drunk ?

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Care to share about your last drunk ?

I don't think that I have shared the total events in regards to my last drunk here on site. Is there good purpose for this? Well, for me I never wish to forget the horrors. Will another alcoholic relate? Possibly so, for so many of the stories told here on site remind me of me.

Actually before my last drunk there was another significant drunk that proceeded a couple of weeks earlier. At the age of around 57 after a few years sober I had deceived myself into drinking yet again and started having terrible blackouts. In one of these blackouts, once more due to some extreme crazy actions on my part the sheriffs had come to our home so as to arrest me in the middle of the night. With a loud speaker they shouted for me to, "Bob come out of the house." I opened the door and yelled back to them that, "I was not coming out because I had done nothing." As the sheriffs were waiting and demanding for me to come out, I proceeded to the refrigerator and grabbed a couple more tall cans of Bud and took a seat on the couch and pounded them down. Once more I went to the door and yelled out that, "I was not coming out." Once more I grabbed another beer and drank it. I knew that if I didn't go outside they were going to break down the door. I waked out with my hands in the air and was arrested. Since I had given the sheriffs such a hard time they added some bogus charges that made my bail excessively high. Bail was set at 75 thousand dollars although charges were never filed.

OK, so after this event I thought to myself that, "I had better get back on the sober wagon that had been so good to me for many years." I think this only worked for a few days because before long I was back to it in a big way. Much heavy drinking and handfuls of prescription Valium.

OK -- here's my last drunk.
All I really remember is,
I was driving our motor home in the morning to the bar after having a drink with a few Valium. I must have been wasted because when I walked into the bar the first thing that the barmaid said was, "I'm not serving you." I remember that this really hurt my feelings. I had been to this bar many times and never been turned down for a drink. I went across the street to the business parking lot where I had parked the motor home. Got in and started it up and as I started to drive everything turned black. I knew that I needed to hit the brake peddle. Instead I hit the gas peddle and crashed into a Block Buster Video store. Tore off the top of the motor home and the front of the building. I heard later from someone that people inside were diving for their lives. Damage to building was 75 thousand. Motor home totaled. I was taken to the hospital bleeding and wondering what the heck had happened.

Thank God no one inside was injured.

Once more I thought to myself. Drinking is not working and I had better get back into the Program. I crawled back into the rooms of AA. My sponsor was amazed that I was alive and so was I, so very grateful to once more be sober and alive.

Anyone else care to share about your last drunk?

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Geeze MMB there must be a really good reason(s) your here today.

I know myself I'm not suppost to be here today.

I dont really have a good "last drunk" story i got lots of stories but not really a last one. myself.

I was just at my wits end. the cigarettes did nothing for me the booze wasnt helping. I was having panic attacks all the time and nothing would calm it down. waking up needing a drink. Having to drink till pass out just to go down at night and wash down a couple sleeping pills and a few ibprofins so that i woudlnt wake up at 3 or 4am desperatly needing another drink. That was my life for the last couple years of drinking.

Somehow I'm here too. I desperatly wanted to be dead but i was always too much of a coward I guess to just take matters into my own hands. I guess I just was committing passive suicide with all the crap i was putting into my system.

Now i wake up ready to face another day. I dont wish for death anymore. and I dont wake up feeling like death either.

"I'm not even suppost to be here today"- Dante from clerks
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I can't recall a "Good" drunk story that is worth sharing !

But, I DO agree it is an interesting thread
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The last time I drank was really nothing special, it was just a 10 day binge over the holidays that wore me down to nothing. I have plenty of stories of incredibly stupid/dangerous/risky things that I did while drunk over the years but then again we all do and while they are all somewhat different it's the same old story....we can't handle drinking.

The most important thing to me about my last drunk was that it was the LAST one
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Originally Posted by ScottFromWI View Post

wore me down to nothing.

stupid/dangerous/risky things

it's the same old story....we can't handle drinking.
Thanks for reminding me Scott

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The story itself is very boring, so I'll spare you... but here are the highlights because they allow you to use your imagination, which might make the story more interesting if you make it up:

blackout, motor vehicle, public humiliation, swear up & down someone put something in my drink, sprained AND dislocated arm... oh yeah: and woke up the next morning still drunk...
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*It had become very common for me to wake up the next morning still too drunk from the night before to drive my daughter to school and/or myself to work. Lots and lots of "sick" days back then.
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Originally Posted by JensDestiny View Post
*It had become very common for me to wake up the next morning still too drunk from the night before to drive my daughter to school and/or myself to work. Lots and lots of "sick" days back then.
yeah I dont miss the waking up still drunk part.
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Thanks for the thread Bob - you were indeed fortunate no one was killed. Working in the insurance industry, I have been on site of over a dozen instances of vehicles parked - started - and for various reasons driven directly into a store front. I am prudent as a pedestrian never to walk in front of a car someone has started and (hopefully) has put the car in reverse and not drive.........

The last time I drank it was pretty innocuous on the scale of previous behavior, I suppose.

I refer to a "scrapbook" of images in my memory if I need a reminder of the highlights like others . Maybe not entire events, but a smashed bottle - a crying loved one, a disappointed friend. I own these.

But, I am not one of those ( may get my SR membership revoked) who emphatically state - my worst day sober is still better than my best day drunk. For me, that simply is untrue.

All that said - I am very, very thankful I am sober today. If I stay sober I stand a chance of enjoying the possibilities and freedoms life may offer.

I am released daily from the bondage of alcohol.

Thanks for sharing a part of your story,
Mucho Appreciato!
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Bob, I'm glad you're here today and that no one was hurt.

Last time I was drunk was like many other times: I loaded myself with vodka lying in bed with the computer. I vividly remember the desperation: kind of decided that I wanted to quit for good about a month prior, but could not stop. I was contemplating killing myself that day. Instead, I impulsively decided to sign in here and post a thread asking people on SR how to stop... Quickly got a lot of responses, and I decided that this time I'll listen to whatever people tell me to do. Somehow I did not even feel like finishing my vodka, so I actually did not get as drunk that day as I would have.

I did almost all of my alcoholic drinking at home or in hotel rooms, but the last time I was out drunk in public (years before I got sober), I got mugged on the street in a city where almost no one walks outside. I was so scared and confused that I mindlessly ran into the first building and and knocked on the first door, no memory at all what was on my mind. There happened to be two very kind and helpful girls in that apartment, who called the police... I vaguely remember answering the cops' questions but somehow they did not notice I was intoxicated, or did not care. Then I went home, had to get my door unlocked because my keys were stolen, canceled my credit cards, and got into the vodka again. I guess this incident traumatized me enough to not get out drunk later, but of course it just progressed more rapidly hiding. For me, that hiding was the most devastating part: in the worst times, I was living in totally unfurnished apartments, my stuff in boxes, only had a mattress to sleep, surrounded by empty bottles and dirt. Not because of financial problems, I did not care. Once the lights in my bathroom broke and I never got the building maintenance to fix it for a year because I was ashamed about the condition I lived in but not enough to change it. It often also held me back from killing myself: I did not want people dear to me to learn about my secret life. Very surreal now.
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Originally Posted by Flynbuy View Post

you were indeed fortunate no one was killed. Working in the insurance industry
Yet another nice reminder for me. Yes it's been close to 8 years and I'm still paying over 2 thousand dollars a year in auto insurance. But, still so very grateful no one other than myself was hurt.

Thank you all for your posts here. Sure helps to keep this old guy sober and humble today.

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I don't remember it. I came out of a blackout when a police office was asking me if I was ok and went back into blackout . Woke up with a cut lip. It was far from my worst drunk in terms of duration or consequences. Blackouts were common as was my waking up in a hospital bed or emergency room. I had once gone into respiratory arrest so a cut was no big deal, really just more of the same.

I certainly didn't know it was my last drunk. I got sober a few days later. I'm sure I smoked some pot and had some drinks but I've always had a difficult time remembering those in between days.

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It was just a normal everyday black out, nothing extraordinary. I guess I woke up and finally had enough, didn't want to die a drunk old lady.
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My last drunk was indistinguishable from all those that preceded it.

I was just so tired of it and I wanted a better life.
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My last drunk started with a few big gulps of mouthwash. Contrary to what most might think, it wasn't because I had no means of buying alcohol nor was I hiding my consumption from anyone. In fact, there was alcohol in my house and i live alone. However, I had made a commitment that morning that this time my stash of alcohol would last a full week - no exceptions! Welp I was brushing my teeth for bed and instead of swishing the mouthwash, I swallowed it. That's all my mind and body needed for me to eventually crack open the real deal in my freezer. The next day I went to my first AA meeting crying like a baby. Almost 6 months sober and thank god I finally surrendered.

Me: 0
AV: 1,348,997,334,863,279
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Mine is pretty ordinary. I had just moved into a great house to rent out in the country. I was 28 days removed from my 2nd DUI and was looking at an extended period without a drivers license and some jail time. I thought getting out of the city and living in the country would make everything better. I spent the first night at my new place sleeping on the deck in a drunken stupor after I locked myself out of my own house.

I went to a party the next night and got a 3rd DUI giving somebody a ride home. I still remember my last drink. They had run out of beer at this party except for that crappy Hornsby's cider that tastes like vomit. Woke up the next day and couldn't get out of bed, I was so depressed. Decided I would either kill myself or give up everything in my life in order to get sober. That was 15 1/2 years ago. Been a hell of a ride, I've met some great people. And I'm never going back to that.
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I like this thread! It's interesting and helps us all to stay sober. Mine in short: went to a friends house to help with her child's party with my kids, stayed from 10:00-7:00 drank all day. Knew I was drunk, breathed into the breathalyzer I decided was responsible to have, blew .13 got in the car and drive my two precious babies home, past a cop, got home safely. Saw a rainbow over the sky and knew I had to make a change. Decided it was either keep drinking or end my life. That was almost a year ago. Hardest thing I've ever done = most rewarding!
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OK, I don't like war stories and try to resist posting them but.....

S#!t hit the fan and I was self destructing so put myself in the local detox nut house. After I got out I went on a search for an inpatient rehab on the other side of the country as I was being aggressively told to leave, I was a mess, and the rest of my family was there. All of my family insisted I needed rehab and I was convinced also. I was over two weeks sober so all the rehabs told me I was S.O.L. with my insurance cause I was sober. Several, including the one I chose, suggested I drink so I could get admitted and it would be covered. So not feeling I had much of a choice, I bought a fifth the night before my flight and finished it. Had two Jack and cokes at the airport, two on the plane and two more when I got off. That and some benzos that were given to me to help with a previous detox. Wanted to make sure I did it right.

When I was dropped at the rehab it was all good. Funny thing is, all of this and I was completely lucid through the whole process. I always had a really hard time catching a buzz. I just drank till I passed out.

Put myself through all this for 30 something days of $20,000 forced AA and mayhem. These rehab centers are real upstanding pillars of the community.
I'm still sober though. I think the ridiculous process pissed me off enough to wake up and realize how stupid it is to ruin your life drinking solvent.
Promise I will not post any new war stories.
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Not my last drink, but my worst drunk. Last thing I remember is drinking with friends on the river. Apparently I drove them home while towing a friends boat that day and we all kept drinking. Woke up in jail not know if I killed someone, and immediately started screaming for help. According to the police, I "borrowed" a friends car, ran through a duo checkpoint, ran the car into the ditch, finally jumped out of the car and threw the keys at the officer and screamed that he was driving not me. Tried to run but fell on my face. Worst night of my life, all thanks to alcohol, benzodiazepines, and negative friends.
I thank god everyday that I didn't hurt anyone that night.
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My last drunk was completely uninteresting. It was the same night replayed for the 2000th time. Yes, I counted and drunk every night for six years is about 2000 nights. Sheesh. I drank my usual 12-14 beers and woke up the next day with the worst hangover I had EVER had. And that's saying a lot with again, around 2000 hangovers back to back. Not that the number is anything extraordinary. I know there are others with less and others with more.

The June 27th hangover was the worst day of my life. It was one of those days were simply regaining consciousness from the drunken sleep is one of the lowest forms of hell. Every part of my body hurt. Even my legs and feet were sore. I could not open my eyes because I was so tired all day but could not sleep at the same time. I was fidgety. I kept tossing and turning in bed. I've never even taken a benzo before but I kept thinking God I wish I had medication to take me out of this. Drinking was not even an option. I knew I couldn't have even gotten it across my lips nor did I want to.

During this particular hangover, my last, there is a frightening new symptom. I had shooting back pains that came about every 30 minutes which made it very painful to sit up in a chair or even in bed. I thought that I was going to die that day. Not in that fanciful way but in the way that I literally thought I was not going to live to June 28.

That was my last drunk and my last hangover. It took about 6 to 8 months to feel truly great again due to PAWS. That said though, I felt better on day two and better on day three and continually felt a little bit better each day.

I'm not sure what switched in me that day. I think it was just a very real fear of death. I've had blackout drunken episodes that would rank up there with the very worst you can think of. Even the ones where I was injured and bleeding, half undressed in public, smashing things, or even became violent, those never made me stop. It was when death was staring me in the face is when I finally did not want to drink anymore. Drinking finally became harder than not drinking.
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