Alcoholic neuropathy

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I have this, permanent numbness in my feet. It really sucks. And how stupid and addicted was I to keep drinking even while I knew it was progressing. I can still walk and whatnot but my balance is iffy at times. It really sucks, but all I can do now is not drink anymore so it doesn't get worse. One of the more substantial costs of abusing alcohol for 15 years.
In an odd twist, I've started regaining lost feeling in my feet. At first I thought I was imagining it, but it's really happening. Hope it continues, that would be great. I'm 109 days sober btw. So yeah, chalk up another win for the sober life!
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I have Raynaud's in my hands, and experienced some tinglin while towards the end of my drinking days. It scared me absolutely to pieces. I attributed it to the condition I already had being made worse by alcohol, but that was never cleared by a doctor.

I'm just now clearing two months of sobriety, and while I don't have issues with my hands, I do feel tingling in my tongue which has led so some funky word adaptations when speaking, and I've had constant subtle shakes for over a week now. Tongue seems to get better, off and on, whereas initially it was always tingly.
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