Two Years

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Two Years

Hi Everyone,
It's now 2 years since I stopped drinking, although I still fancy a beer, wine etc now and then, I have managed not to have any 😀. I drank from teenage years to early fifties and mostly enjoyed it. However in the end it didn't do much for me it had basically taken over my life, everything seemed to revolve around alcohol. If I was out shopping with my wife and she suggested we go for a coffee I would say no chance lets go for a beer, now I look forward to my Large Americano with cream😀. It took a long time (18 months ) to get over my sugar cravings but I seem to have that in hand now. As I have stated in the past if I can do it anyone can but you have to WANT to give it up. Anyone struggling just keep going it will get better.

Take care,

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good job ! your right you gotta WANT it.

i always say if someone wants something bad enough they'll get it. if they go but i cant but its too hard but but. but they must not want it bad enough then.
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Congrats on 2 years thats fantastic
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Congratulations Olly!
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Very nice Olly, and thank you for the inspiration.
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2 years - how wonderfuly Olly! What a helpful post.
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Fantastic Olly!!
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Fantastic. You rock. I am so proud of you.
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Congratulations Olly

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That's great! It just keeps getting better.
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Two years is just brilliant - congratulations indeed, Olly!
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voices ca**y
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Congratulations. I hear ya on the sugar cravings. Congratulations on that one too.
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Congrats, and thanks for the message.
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