Anyone practice Yoga?

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Anyone practice Yoga?

I've always had a bit of thing about wanting to get into yoga but never done anything about it bar read a few chapters of different books over the years.

Since I stopped drinking I've been looking at ways to help strengthen my sobriety and looked into things like mindfulness, relaxation and meditation and it's rekindled my interest.

I've signed up to a beginners yoga class that starts at the end of the month and I've been listening to an audiobook by a yoga teacher while I'm waiting.

Interestingly many of the areas it touches on are talked about on this forum - stuff like gratitude, forgiveness and being in the present. All things that while I was drinking seemed boring and unrealistic and not relevant in modern society but now fascinate and intrigue me!

I'm really excited about starting my class in a few weeks and wonder if any of you here practice yoga.
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It is something I want to get into. Ashtanga Yoga is good for alcoholics. I've practiced a few times and it really does work.
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Hello, Hendrix.

I started yoga at the beginning of the year. It's been a huge help for me, for all of the reasons that you listed. I go to a class once a week, and then do yoga on my own along with various YouTube videos the rest of the week. There are a LOT of great videos on YouTube; I'm sure you can find something that will suit you.

I'm excited you're going to give it a try. I hope you love it as much as I do.
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I meditate but i havnt done yoga i too have thought about it

Good luck with the class Hendrix
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I have practiced yoga on and off for years, starting with Bikram (hot) yoga an eventually transitioning into more traditional forms. I find it really encourages mindfulness, and always feel more calm when I'm done. And it's a great workout for balance, flexibility and overall tone. I always had difficulty with meditation but yoga does the trick.
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It is excellent on all levels--helps with detox and relaxation.
I find it both grounds me and connects me to my deeper self.

In short--makes life better, and recovery more manageable and I am more comfortable in my body since I tried it.

Good luck and give it time to work--first few sessions you may feel like an old rusty nail, but it will improve quickly
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"Interestingly many of the areas it touches on are talked about on this forum - stuff like gratitude, forgiveness and being in the present. All things that while I was drinking seemed boring and unrealistic and not relevant in modern society but now fascinate and intrigue me!"

These and many more are results of being sober and working the AA program.
I feel anything that helps us is a step forward.

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I love my yoga with a preference for Anusara, Iyengar and Hatha forms. I find the more traditional forms include a much better balance of meditative and spiritual practices. If you are look for some great free online programs, check out that course at doyogawithme. There are lots of free classes and can be sorted by level and length of time.
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Hi Hendrix,

Yoga was and continues to be a cornerstone of my sobriety. I could not have stayed sober this long without it. I practice Ashtanga, Yin, and Hot Yoga..... But I also now teach Yin Yoga, which is a very different type of Yoga that incorporates many of the same meditative tools we use in 'Urge Surfing' in our recovery. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Yin Yoga for those in recovery. It's a simple practice, but it's NOT easy. It can be intense.

check this out for more info. - The Home Page of Yin Yoga

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I go to classes 1-2 times a week at a nice studio in town. Started there at the same time I quit drinking for the same reasons you mentioned. The mind body connection is important to me. Saturday morning practice helps me with the weekend. Let us know how it goes for you.
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I love Yoga! I practice regularly and weeks that I have missed a class for whatever reason, I always notice the loss in my body and in my spirit. Yoga is wonderful all of the way around. I can't recommend it enough. My husband, who is very manly and conservative (a banker who played football through college) practices with me and is equally as enthusiastic about it!
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I've always loved the idea of yoga, but lacked the patience to pursue it properly. I might go ahead and give it a proper shot. My patience could use some strengthening I'm sure.
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I have taken yoga classes. I always leave clear headed and any aches that I had are gone. I haven't done it consistently but that is because of lack of time. You will love it
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Yoga helps me in many ways -- if anything it clears for the hour or so I'm there. It's a moving meditation. If one class doesn't feel right for you, try another. Many kinds of styles and every "teacher" is different. Each can bring you something different. I have to say also that there are some days where I cry in class, and some days where I feel pretty frustrated. (Both normal things, for everyone, from time to time.) But overall, it's been healing and I wouldn't live without it now.
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Originally Posted by Hendrix View Post
Since I stopped drinking I've been looking at ways to help strengthen my sobriety and looked into things like mindfulness, relaxation and meditation and it's rekindled my interest.
I'm not sure if SR allows this, but here is the best description of Mindfulness that I have found:
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Thanks, Boleo. I've save it to my desktop to read later.
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Yoga is something I've been interested in for a long time and have been doing on and off for several years, except the last two years of my drinking career. I got into practicing quite seriously and with regularity in my second sober month, and have been doing it since. I tried quite a few forms and styles. I've learned that I prefer the more traditional forms of yoga that come with a more holistic system rather than just using it as a form of exercise in gym classes etc. What I like best is Asthanga and Kripalu. The latter especially mixes well with my choice of meditation also.

I always started learning each of these with teachers in classes, while simultaneously reading books and online info. Since last summer, as I've become more familiar with the practices, I've also been doing it by myself at home. I can only recommend yoga to anyone who has an inclination to try it.
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Practice Yoda, I have.

Sorry, geek old I am.
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Practice Sobriety
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Chi-kong? I did that for awhile
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I've been practicing Bikram (hot) yoga regularly for about four years. While it's helped me maintain stretches of sobriety, I do not believe yoga is a cure for addiction by any means. I lost count of the times I practiced in that hot room with a hangover (lol, awful!). I'm now working the AA program and feel much better inside and outside the yoga room. Namaste
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