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I had many jobs in my life but I am qualified chef,I was good under the influence not so good not under it,what was or is your job and hows your performance
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I work 2 jobs currently, I work for a multi national company 3 days a week and work for myself the other days, i must admit I am a much more competent worker when I abstain from drinking.
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Originally Posted by DELBERTM View Post
I had many jobs in my life but I am qualified chef,I was good under the influence not so good not under it,what was or is your job and hows your performance
That reminds me of something John Stewart said about getting clean. He thought that he wouldn't be as funny or creative. Turns out it wasn't true. It's one of those tricks our mind plays on us to keep us in the addiction.
I saw your post about losing friends when you quit. It is true that your social circle may go through an adjustment but you haven't lost anything by quitting. The world is opening up for you not closing down.
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I've been an academic research scientist in my whole working life (a few different fields and environments), although I also had a variety of part-time jobs before (during college and earlier) and in parallel.

My performance of course really suffered when I was drinking heavily, but what was even worse for me that I had no motivation. Sobriety has made a big difference in all this, but it's a work in progress; there are better and worse days. I'm currently exploring some new avenues besides my old job (related to my field), and I also want to go back to school to get qualification for the these newer plans. In fact I just spent a large part of yesterday looking into possibilities for education.

I used to be very ambitious about my career and very focused on it, not for the sake of wealth or status at all, just simply I loved my work and found great satisfaction and meaning in it. These days my interest is becoming more balanced and my focus is shifting a lot. I think it is in part the result of the period I spent in the darkness of alcoholism, then recovery, and also just natural progression coming with age.
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Preschool teacher seeking positive referrals so I can get back to teaching in a public school again for a bit.....need to complete my master's degree and move forward....

Excellent ratings at this point!!
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i'm a programmer. My work performance has gotten incredibly worse since I sobered up. it was getting worse the last couple years of my drinking as well. I used to go to work hit it hard tolerate all the corporate politics and the stress then just get hammered after work and feel better then I'd get up go back and do it again the next day and stomach all the nonsense along the way.

Somewhere along the line the booze didnt work as well things started to get worse for me in terms of coping. When i sobered up this is one aspect that really didnt get any better for me.

I htink i need a job that has some more human interaction that would help my social issues. Also a job with a physical element so i can blow off some steam along the way during the work day.

what job it is i need I dunno. I got ideas but none of my ideas will work out at the moment.

I honestly think back in the day however i was much better at dealing with the job stress work hard play hard etc.. my play hard however involved getting smashed each night to forget about the days struggles and numb myself. It was not a healthy situation.
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I just would like to add something to this topic...

I really believe that the seemingly work issues after a good chunk of sobriety are often not primarily or not only related to recovery; it often goes much deeper into our personality development and our evolution in a complex way. Initially, I kept asking myself: wtf is wrong with work I used to be so crazy about? I think, at least in my case, nothing. I still find it interesting and I still think my current workplace could hardly get more ideal for this type of job. It's more about what else is missing from my life, or what are the things that I want to do differently now with my life. Changes in needs and focus. In my case, I'm now convinced that I would probably be just as happy with my work as I used to be if some other aspects of my personal life were satisfying and meaningful enough. And luckily, finally, I think I've arrived at a point where I see many of these quite clearly, so I know what to work on specifically. I'm finally feeling that the investigations and efforts I've been investing into during the past year (sobriety, a healthier lifestyle, therapy, lots of introspection, interactions here on SR) are starting to really pay off. But at the same time I also see how much work is ahead. Well, there will always be I guess
Of course often we also just need something refreshing, changes, novelty in professional life and/or its conditions.

I would say that if we feel dissatisfied, it's important to try to get to the bottom of it and explore possibilities to make it more meaningful. Similarly to our addictions, I think it's unlikely that these things will improve by themselves, without our active intervention.
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Yeah one reason I think I have the work issues I do is because I've changed or perhaps i'm the same as I was IE i can think back to the years before i drank I recall HATEING office work with a passion swearing i'd never do office work for a living. Then i started drinking..... Doing what I do was interesting and i was able to look past the office work aspect and wash way all the struggles with booze and justify another day as just a tough day on the job etc.. Then I sobered up the hate for office work returned i couldnt take the corporate politics nonsense etc.. and I cant just wash away the stuggles with booze and chalk it all up to just another tough day on the job.

In my case I need a change in job I hope the change comes soon though I've been saying that for years and for years I keep slugging away at it.

My father worked a job he despised for 20+ years why? he had a wife and kids and there was a pention at the end of the day. I for the life of me have no idea how he did it. but then 17 years in my field under my belt so somehow I'm doing it too ONly in my case at the end of the day there is nothing no pention no nothing etc.. I Hope i can afford to get a job at minimum wage and float my boat with that pay when i retire. That would be pretty sweet But who knows.

Either way I'll work till i die thats probably ok tho it'll keep me going.
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I am housewife, for now!! I had many jobs in the past, retail, medical, and warehouse. I been to interviews 4 times in the past year, but not so good.

In a way, I glad I don't have a job specially in my early recovery with all my emotions that come and go I don't think I would of last so long.

Yes, its hurting our finances and all, but there will always be jobs out there to try again.
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While suffering from alcoholism, drunk or sober, my work performance was poor. I had no ambition, I was selfish, lazy, unreliable and had a generally bad attitude, again, drunk or sober. I couldn't even complete my apprenticeship, and became virtually unemployable.

When I recovered from alcoholism, my attitudes changed dramatically as did my work performance and capability. I completed my apprenticeship, trained in sales, and withing two or three years was in the top 5% income bracket. Then I went into the restaurant business for a couple of years and got married. Then back to the corporate world in a senior management role, then I started another business which will be twenty years old this year. Now, I'm semi retired and live on my yacht.

For me, just stopping drinking did not treat my alcoholism. Even when sober, my alcoholic mind sabotaged my chance at a productive life. My usual mind state was restless, irritable and discontent, I was driven by instinct, just about the most selfish way to live, and that contantly put me off side with myself and my fellows. I had to find an entirely different way of living and thinking, and that's what it is to recover from alcoholism.
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I quit my job at the same time I sobered up. Right now I am on a mini-retirement, thats how it feels anyways. I am just giving myself some time to get some perspective. My job and active addiction went hand in hand, I had little accountability and lots of time to imbibe in libations, shall we say. My performance went down hill fast.

I have tried to return to my old field of passion in sobriety but there was just no spark there and my creative juices just don't seem to flow in sobriety. Maybe I just need more time but I am at a crossroads right now and it could be kind of exciting. It was suggested to me to get a "get well" job. Just something to do in sobriety, but that was what my last job was. Something unrelated to my field but just there to participate in while I learn to live sober. I think I stayed in it too long because I got no fulfillment from it and I believe it was past the point of serving its purpose. What to do now? I honestly do not know.
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I'm a self employed artist/writer/printer and I molded my career to be compatible with being stoned and drunk all the time. I was really good at it I thought but now with solid sobriety I find that I was not as good as I thought. I also drag race at a high level, which is absolutely NOT compatible with being drunk and/or stoned. I am much better at everything I do now. More importantly, I am better able to appreciate how lucky I am and live in the moment.
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