Please give me hope

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Please give me hope

Hello to everyone who took the trouble to read this. Lately I've been feeling great fears in relation to my former alcohol abuse. That's right: I say former, because after what happened last time, I am never drinking again!

Okay, so here's my story: I've always been a depressed person and in the last year or so I really let myself go, with drinking: monthly and sometimes weekly a lot, never anything too strong, mostly beer: like four or five cans a night.
Funny thing was: I didn't believe I had a problem and thought I was in control... turns out I wasn't, cause after I majorly let myself go during the holidays, I felt different in my head. It's been almost two months now and it's really scary, because my mind seems blank during the day, my short term memory went to hell and I have trouble focusing on new things. It's like I'm not even human anymore. Some days I feel like it's even getting worse.

Another thing that really troubles me is that I'm still young: just 21 and I feel handicapped. My family also doesnt seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. I already had a ct-scan and it was negative, but I didn't tell the doctors everything, out of shame and fear.

I used to be very smart and now I feel like I've thrown it all away. The really sad part is that I've tried to quit twice before it was too late, but as soon as I got confronted with the 'evil' liquid, I couldn't help myself.

But on to my main question: can anybody ( preferably around the same age as me) reassure me even a little? Like, do you get even slightly better with long-term sobriety? I'm already doing my utmost: like taking vitamins, eating healthy, drinking water, sleeping... but then I feel like: is there still a point? Please, please help!
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That's a good start,but it is critical that you tell everything to your doctor. There are soanu things that can be wrong with you, that leaving out that vital piece of information will not help you and bring him to the wrong diagnosis .
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Hello paidwithmylife!
It does get better. Im not your age, a little bit over a decade difference, but i was sober for 8 months and it was wonderful. Both psychically and psychologically.

You must treat your depression though too. This is also hard, but you seem dedicated and im sure you will make it. Just make sure you treat both the drinking and the depression.

One of the signs that i think every one with an alcohol problem has in common is "i thought i could control it". I see this everywhere and of course its the story of my life.

Keep on logging on here, talk to us, you will relate and see that others are in the exact same shoes with you. It always helps. If you are ready, you should try going to some meetings also.

Take care and dont lose hope!
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Do your best
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Hello IPWML im 32 i want to confirm that sobriety is awesome it does indeed get better im 19 months and life is so much better

if you ever want to talk send a pm bud
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I am an old bastard, but I can assure you it gets better being sober.
You can do it, but you must want it, and it sounds like you do.
Best of luck to you, we are all here to help!
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It gets better, lots better. You've made a great decision to stop drinking, You're young and money can't buy that. You'll bounce back just fine if you focus on your goal!
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Ipaid, I was right around your age when I got sober in AA. The years after that have been the most amazing gift. Yes, it was foggy and awful at first, but sobriety has given me the gift of clarity and a renewed passion for life.

The others are so right; you must be brutally honest with your doctor. How else can they properly treat you?

Do that, stay quit, work on your spiritual condition, and there is more hope than you could dream! Blessings to you!
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