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Personality Test - Myers Briggs

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Personality Test - Myers Briggs

It's been awhile since the topic of personality testing has come up, so I thought it might be interesting to give folks an opportunity to take a look at one such test. It's called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People generally find it to be fairly accurate.

You can take a test here----> Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory The site will score your test when you have finished. It will give you a 4 letter 'score'. If you wish, you can then put the result into the attached poll.

Please note that there are no right or wrong answers to test questions, just as there are no good or bad personality types. The test just measures preferences.

I have also found the test helpful in understanding others. The indicator has been used extensively to help build teams in work environments. It has also been used for things like assisting couples better understand one another.

Once you have determined your MBTI score, here is another site that gives more information for each specific type. TypeLogic Home Page

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ENFJ here
Last time we did that test here, the majority of responders turned out to be introverts.
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Introvert(44%) Sensing(25%) Feeling(50%) Judging(22%)
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Before getting sober I would have answered at least half the questions differently.
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I am an INFP. I am actually tied between F and T--but I'm not much into intellectual problemsolving, so I always go with F.
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I've taken this test in the past. My daughter used to be all wrapped up in that kind of stuff. At that time, she says I always scored ISTJ. I don't put a lot of stock in these types of tests. Many of those questions can't honestly be answered with a simple yes or no. Sometimes, the questions don't really even make sense.
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Bunch of judgmental introverts. Sounds like alcoholics to me. INTJ. Little bit less judgmental than I used to be, though.
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I flunked.
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Yeah we have done this before on SR, I participated then as well since this is something I studied a lot and was very much into in the past. I did the MBTI many times over probably a 20 year period, I encountered it first during a college class and last time ~2 years ago in a career workshop in my workplace. Long tests used by professionals. I'm no longer good with this kind of personality testing doing it the way I think and behave now, because I've done so much self work that altered a lot of my default patterns. But I've done it remembering and using my original patterns each time, and the result has always been the same: INTP/J. I like to mention the P/J tie when I discuss this, because I always score very close to both on that dimension. I voted INTP because being familiar with the theory, I think that's a closer hit, including considering the hierarchy of the cognitive functions in the system, although if I made a hierarchical "stack" of the functions as they are described in the theory, I would come up with a stack variation that actually does not exist in the original system. I also always scored pretty heavily on the "NT", again, based on my default without all the conscious work and other development.

I remember when we discussed this once earlier here, a lot of people participated and there was a strong "N" bias in the community. I made a joke back then that it makes sense we alcoholics have that feature strongly: always looking for meaning and not finding it in the normal world, so we turned to a booze-soaked alternate reality

Anyhow, I no longer take this kind of stuff seriously but it's fun to talk about it.
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ISFJ .....I never took this test before. But, I do remember my Mom talking about it, she retired from the Federal Reserve Bank in L.A . Seems it was THE test to take, of course she was in Human Resources!
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haha, courage2; yep, another judgmental introvert here
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INTP Sort of explains why I was a stressed out, pissed off mess in my former long term career. Didn't fit my type at all. My wife used to think I was more of a MFAH.
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ENFP - Hate to admit it but it was right on the mark
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ENFP - took the test at my last job, during the height of my worst drinking. Took it again recently because I was curious if a year of sobriety would change my results. Same results again - ENFP. Supposedly the most outgoing of this type, but I actually consider myself to be an introvert, albeit an extroverted one.
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Keep in mind test basically measures preferences (and how these preference interact with each other). For example most folks who feel energized when they spend time alone are introverts. Those that feel energized when they are in a group are generally extroverts. That's not to say that an introvert cannot behave like an extrovert, or even sometimes feel energized within a group setting, but generally speaking this is not the case.

The other thing to keep in mind is that a specific letter often does not refer to what you might think it does. Here is a quote from Wikipedia about the judging function (it does not mean judgmental). "Myers and Briggs held that types with a preference for judging show the world their preferred judging function (thinking or feeling). So TJ types tend to appear to the world as logical, and FJ types as empathetic. According to Myers, judging types like to "have matters settled".

It's best to stick with the general description of the 4 letter type rather than to attempt to interpret the meaning of a single letter. Wikipedia gives reasonably good description of what the attitudes and functions refer to if you want to understand this in more depth.

esinger makes a good point about occupational preference and type. This is why this tool is so often used in settings that do vocational counseling.
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Awuh, there are versions of this from different authors.
For example
Kiersey's (this is what my current job uses for those interested in testing or career coaching, although not this public website):
Personality Test - Keirsey Temperament Website

or Socionics (this one is pretty weird)
₪₪₪ Socionics - The New Psychology ₪₪₪

In case you don't know this and because you seem interested
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haennie, I'm not too familiar with the variations of this test.

I do think there's much merit to your idea regarding the N function and the alcoholics search for meaning. Of course, that point would be moot if the test is not taken seriously.

It's not a perfect test, (much less the approximations of the actual test that are used online). However, I do think that even these online tests can useful, particularly when used to understand how others interact with the world. This can help to generate insights which I believe promote a tolerance for our differences.
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