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Personality Test - Myers Briggs

Old 01-10-2015, 09:58 PM
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Yes I agree they are useful. Why I got quite obsessed with personality theories in the past, they helped me a lot getting to understand myself better and even more getting to understand others and how people are motivated. I also studied others that are a bit esoteric and astrology-like, for the fun of it.

What I'm interested in learning about these days are personality disorders. I'm not usually very much into the pathologizing, but find that stuff interesting especially in the context of how/why these "disordered" patterns develop.

Yes I think the MBTI is quite interesting regarding how people interact with each-other driven by, and using, these kinds of preferences. And compatibilities.
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Life Health Prosperity
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ISFP here.
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First time-ESFP.
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ENFP - spooky after reading through the break down...

but I'll bet it is the same as your horrorscope, one can always agree, "That is me."
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Over the years I've consistently tested as INTJ.
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I've always been an INFJ and it is pretty spot on.
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I've had to take this four times. It was the long form (2 hours I think) administered through Human Resources by MB people. I always came up INTP with "I" sliding a bit from close to center "I/E" which I think is pretty usual depending on current life situations. Today, understanding MB, I think its pretty usual for me to hover close to "E" but not ever actually going over the "line." The rest (NTP) stayed firmly the same. I, initally, was not happy at all with the results having read the accompanying book given to understand the meanings. (That was before I got sober.) However, in later years and sobriety, I was much more accepting and actually found understanding my personality comforting in a way. It explained a lot. When one gets deeply into MB, how the "shadows" operate is discussed. I have, definitely, found the shadows to develop gradually with aging. For instance, I'm much more comfortable with "F" (my shadow) now than I used to be. But still am not comfortable with S or J... I guess because I'm so solidly N/P.

Awuh1, the link to gave to explaining types was a good one. I was a somewhat amused by the author's research though as it would seem there are no well-known INTP women. *snicker* As for skepticism about MB, I'm not one and that's after initially rejecting it due to dissatisfaction with my type. Typical INTP that I am, however, I did give it a chance and did the research finally leading to acceptance after very personally and privately run experiments (INTPs are know for doing that) and, as I said, comfort with it in sobriety. However, Jung himself being an INTP... perhaps I that's just natural for me.

Thanks Awuh1. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
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Fantastic thread, been a fan of personality tests for a long time!!

I scored INTJ, but I remember scoring this back in high school, so nothing has changed, the percentages though have probably varied over the years, I'm currently on Introvert (28%), iNtuitive (12%), Thinking (38%), Judging (1%).
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ESFJ - judge mental??? How can they say that?
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I am only 1% over with the J so basically I am balanced between perceptive and judgmental. In the context of this test, it does not mean being rigid and passing judgment onto others, it means the following

This fourth preference pair describes how you like to live your outer life--what are the behaviors others tend to see? Do you prefer a more structured and decided lifestyle (Judging) or a more flexible and adaptable lifestyle (Perceiving)? This preference may also be thought of as your orientation to the outer world.
The Myers & Briggs Foundation - Judging or Perceiving
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Originally Posted by Carlotta View Post
I am only 1% over with the J so basically I am balanced between perceptive and judgmental.
So how do you experience this, Carlotta? For me, it's like I have no preference for either of the two styles/approaches, they tend to fluctuate. Look at my current sig line, it suggests something similar. The problem is that these "styles" don't always fluctuate based on the objective task I need to deal with, but my moods, and they don't always match what's required in terms of doing something at a given time. And then I struggle. But I generally like being able to tackle things in different ways and also being able to work with people who have strong preferences for either.
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This is the first time I notice your signature. I am very fond of La Bruyere's Caracteres as social commentary (and also of the man as the gossip columnist of his age with a rapier wit LOL).
The way I see it is that I achieved that balance through disciplining myself. Naturally and for a good chunk of my life, I was way too much on the perceptive side. I did many things, lived in many places and was always following the wind. I lived a nomadic lifestyle and enjoyed it.
As I grew older and started recovery, I realized that I needed to get some stability and "grow some roots".
Through self discipline I was able to get some structures and routines. These days, I am able to balance being disciplined when it comes to my work and other obligations and carefree and impulsive in other areas of my life. This did not happen overnight though and there is still a little voice in my head which sometimes whispers to me...jump at the opportunity...why don't you pack up and go to South America etc.
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Very similar development here over time! I was a restless, endlessly curious, wandering free spirit when younger. Then came the period of heavy drinking that anesthetized progression, or at least the conscious awareness of it, quite effectively. I realized that it wasn't truly stalling, I just did not deal with it much, but things were still happening. Right now I'm at a stage when I feel a bit torn between freedom and flexibility, trying more new things vs. commitments, stability, and taking care of the same responsibilities in long term. When I'm in a bad mood, I say I don't know which lifestyle I like better or want to develop further. I've always liked planning and being decisive though, even when very young. What you are saying is really the solution I think: a balanced, healthy compromise. The self-descipline is exactly what I know I need and am looking for the best ways to exercise long-term.
Thanks, your comment was helpful
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When I took the test a while back I was an ENFP.
I was just messaging a friend earlier and telling him that while I was not bored I felt I had become boring but reading this thread and especially your comments Haennie it just clicked:
I have not become boring, I have become more stable which is not a bad thing at all.
I guess we all have to grow up some day.
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I'm a solid "P" () and have been in a close relationship with a solid "J" for about 30 years. We drive each other nuts in a few ways. I've come to understand that J likes closure and P likes to leave things open-ended. Just a few examples: She'll show up with car loaded with stuff and have to unload it right when she arrives.... just a quick hug but sitting down, when we haven't seen each other in months, for a cup of tea and talk.... not... she won't stop thinking about that car. Me, the car unload can wait. Going anywhere, for her, there must be at least an inkling of a destination. Me, let's just go and end up where ever... the point is visiting while we do. I find her ways far too limiting or confining but, being the "P," I roll with it. She feels anxiety doing it my way though so we don't even try that anymore. Oh, and I seriously irritate her whenever I state another possible viewpoint or option when she's already made up her mind which is usually very quickly compared to my process. I've learned to just bite my tongue and file it. LOL And, she's learned to just grab one off the shelf and drag me to the checkout rather than spend the half-hour with me trying to make up my mind while shopping. So... yes, these two can get along but it takes quite a bit of effort... love, acceptance and patience above all else. But, not to offend any J's, when she starts getting a bit controlling... like the only way is her way... I have to be firm about the "don't tell me what to do" reminder. And she takes it. It works through understanding each other.
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Introvert(44%) iNtuitive(50%) Feeling(62%) Perceiving(44%)

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Judgmental introverts still lead with >50%. Go, team!
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