Company Christmas Party Bosshh Got Tipshy

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Company Christmas Party Bosshh Got Tipshy

I stayed late to talk to some other folks. My boss had so much to drink he sharted talking like thishhh. He has only been with the company for about 8 months. Glad it wasn't me. At least he was going to take a cab home. It did make me wonder about him. Perhaps its paranoia but there are aspects of his personality that sound awfully familiar. I actually had a good time at a Christmas function with people I didn't really know. I remember everything that happened. I was feeling kind of anxious so I had thoughts of drinking.

At this job I'm having surprising run ins with alcohol. People get together after work once in a while to drink. One of the owners offered me wine last time I stayed late during a snow storm. At this dinner people kept asking if I wanted to drink. I said no. Seeing my boss get tipsy has increased my reservations about him.
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Glad to hear you are keeping your head about you and honoring your sobriety in those situations. I remember when I was "that guy" drunk at the party and I never want to go there again.
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There's reasons they have to pay you to show up.
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uggg i dont miss those days!
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