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Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right.

There is no magic potion for us to give you.

Either you accept help, or you figure it out on your own. Both ways are valid. Both require a commitment by you.
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Hi, JJay. Remember me?

Sorry you are going through hard times now.

You are not begging for kind words. You are here because you need help - that's what this place for.

I am glad to "see" you anyway.

And, by the way, I still keep this thread, which you started back in 2012, alive

Don't give up. Keep posting!
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Originally Posted by JJay View Post
At this point... I give up... I suck...
At what point...after you asked for help and received it? What exactly did you think you would find here? Or what would you like to find here? No one will give up on you or anyone who asks for help, no one gave up on me when I came here. You have to accept the help though.
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jjay, it's pretty simple: I don't drink.
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Hi...another Nov 2012 classmate here...I. have been up and down over the past two years but made a new start earlier this year. I'm sorry things are not good and hope this is the last detox for you.
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Sorry to see you so low JJay.

The bottom line for any of us you want to change. If you do there no end to the support you can gather for yourself.

If you don't want too - whether fear is holding you back or self disgust or whatever - then no rehab in the world is going to help.

I think you posted here cos you do want change - so what can you do to make change, JJay.

Think past the I don't knows...this is your life and your future here man.

I drank for 20 years - all day everyday for 5 years...nearly died.
I didn't want to die that way so I stopped. It wasn;t easy but I did it.

You can too.

The motivation is the thing - everything else follows from that.

I hope you'll post again - there's some really good advice here and I think you need to read it sober.

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