I know what I have to do....

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I know what I have to do....

..... drinking, depression, procrastinating..
round and round it goes ...... feeling so sad
and low today ..... and so alone ..... I do know I
wont drink today..... but I am so low and I feel even
worse knowing there are people in much worse
situations than me ....
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Psalm 118:24
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Are you in a situation to do volunteer work?
Idle time gives you opportunity to have negative thinking.
Do you have any projects or hobbies you like to do?

It will get better after you stop drinking and it will continue to get worse if you keep drinking
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I remember so well feeling just like you, Julie.

Please know you're not alone. I'm glad you reached out.

You can do this! The merry-go-round can stop and you can reclaim your life.

You've already taken the first step.
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Do your best
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You can really do this Julie
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I have 15 days its getting a lot better sr really helps others have done it we can do it if we have an honest desire.
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It is hard building escape velocity from the cycle, but once you have it
you won't believe how much those negative feelings will fade.

What can you do to keep moving forward even when you feel the drag?
I found I needed things to "break the pattern" which for me was taking a yoga class,
buying some herbal tea to drink when I wanted a drink, and taking long walks in Nature
and sometimes crying / yelling when walking to release emotion.

Keeping a journal was also helpful to track my feelings and explore them.
Keep trying and never never give up and one day it will click. Really.
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duplicate post
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Do you think you might need professional help for your depression Julie?

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Do yourself a favor. Make an appointment with your doctor. Depression (just like alcoholism) only gets worse when not treated. Its very important. (((big Hug)))
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