New here...making a change

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New here...making a change

Hi everyone. I have been reading the forums for a little over a week and am inspired to make a change. I have been drinking heavily for most of the last 12 years or so. The longest I have been sober in those years was during my 2 pregnancies. I have experienced a terrible bout of postpartum depression the last 10 months or so, and have found myself drinking more and more to numb out. I have been sneaky with a lot of my behaviors...I don't think anyone realizes how much or how often I drink and it's really scaring me.

I didn't drink for much of last week but did on Sunday. I haven't drank since then and am feeling like it's really time to stop. I have never really considered ACTUALLY quitting drinking beffort but the last 10 days or so I feel something really shifting within me and I really WANT to stop. I think what will really be hard for me is finding other ways to relieve stress. But in the long run, my drinking has only ended in making me horribly depressed with terrifying anxiety...and I can feel my body deteriorating.

I look forward to participating here and really trying to be well and do right by my family.
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welcome ladyloo,
It's good to recognize what alcohol does. Good decision to quit.
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Welcome Ladyloo

there's a lot of support and understanding here, and also in our Newcomers to Recovery forum.

I'm glad you found us

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Hi and welcome. I know it feels scary to imagine life without alcohol…but as time goes on the most powerful realization for me is that I had to get honest.

That meant really paying attention to those whispers of the real me that popped up, the voice kept getting fainter and fainter. I kept putting off getting sober until I realized that who I know I am was being drowned out.

It is nice to wake up and have clarity again. I don't have those demons wrestling in my head, I can look at myself in the mirror.

This is a great place and I know that being here is a big part of my sobriety. Knowing there are other people out there 24/7 is beyond a gift… And when the going got rough I appreciated others who assured me I just needed to keep my eye on the horizon. I believed them…and I have found that my expectations have been met, 10 times over.

I forgot who I was and it is way more exciting to have that new present to unwrap each day, definitely beats a hangover, regret, shame…

So glad you are here!
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Welcome! You made a great choice! Print out your post and keep it. Get it out and read when ur mind tries to say " just one or two won't hurt"
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Welcome to the Forum ladyloo!!
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Welcome, Ladyloo; you've found a great place.
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Welcome lady loo, you can do drinking started for same reason your not alone :-)
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Originally Posted by Ladyloo View Post
I think what will really be hard for me is finding other ways to relieve stress. But in the long run, my drinking has only ended in making me horribly depressed with terrifying anxiety...and I can feel my body deteriorating.
Yes, and have faith that you will be able to find healthy ways to deal with stress and life ups and downs. Ironically, we often begin drinking to relieve stress and find that we end up more depressed and very anxious. Good for you for making the decision to stop drinking.
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