4 Years. Blessed.

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Talking 4 Years. Blessed.

Spent my 4th birthday partying with friends and dancing to my favorite band, who also happen to be my very closest friends. I'm sore today from all the bouncing around, but nothing like that kind of joy in a completely sober state of mind to keep things in their proper perspective.

Yes, my actual date is the 6th. But it's also the Saturday night of a very special festival I go to every year, so I celebrate the Sunday of the first week of Nov as well.

Receiving my 4 year coin from my original mentor and sponsor, who also attends this festival, is truly something really special.

I am blessed and I feel my HP working through me. I am doing this 24 hours at a time and YOU can do it too.
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Psalm 118:24
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Grats on four years
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Wow! Congratulations! Well done
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on four years sober!
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congratulations sunrise

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Congratulations sunrise, 4 years, wow.
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Only ONE word to describe you...

...AWESOME !!!

Congrats !!!...on 4 years !!!
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Living Sober
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Receiving my 4 year coin...
Wow...4 years... a VERY big congrats!!! I'm sure you are very proud, as you very well should be!!!

I really hope I can be as strong as you and stay the course. Your post is an inspiration for sure.

Well done indeed!!!
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Congrats, that is awesome

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congrats sunrise
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Well struck!!

Highly inspirational for all!!!
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Congratulations on 4 years!!!!
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Well done on 4 years! Hugely inspirational
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Cool stuff, sunrise; congratulations.
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Sober date 5/1/13
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Congratulations on 4 years!

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thats awesome sunrise good job!
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Congratulations :-) :-)
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