Withdrawl question

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Withdrawl question

the first time I went cold turkey was over 8 moths ago. I went through horrible withdrawls. Besides the involuntary muscular movements, and swarming bed of sweat, I heard noises like bolts of lightning through my head, and had the occasional thought that the cats had multiplied.

I soon went back to drinking full time. October came, and it was time to do it again. I knew every inch of the wagon. I went sober early last week. I had 1 day of the really bad stuff, then it stopped. Like a miracle, after only lets say 36 hours, I had no withdrawl symptoms besides a minor and infrequent tremor. No convulsions. No hullucinations, not even sweating last night.

What was different?

The only factors I can think of are that I no longer take benzos or wellbutrin
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Not being on benzos probably helped - your body wasn't having to detox from two substances simultaneously. That'd be my guess. Anyhow, if I were you, I'd consider myself very lucky, because another detox might not be so easy. Why risk it?
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Not planning on it!


NO, just curious about it.

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If it were me, I'd count my blessings, and I wouldn't count on it happening again!

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