no political sides here...its really nice

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H.....thats what I'm looking for...NOT some stupid real op...just your idea of what teh world should be. ITS what I'd like to hear. I'm lsitening to this idiot KERRY now talking about Ebola. HORSE is out of the gate on that one. I'm getting ready to pull my kids in.
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Originally Posted by ESD907 View Post
YEAH FLYN....I get it....I'm just being me. and YOu know what, sayint that is pretty horrible if you think about it. all the people saying they want to help, but don't really help? not unlike me, or many of us. What could we really do? could we just simply watch our neighbors kids while they looked for work, FREE. OR simply helped the older kids with homework? while mom tried to study? could we? THIS is my way. THIS is what I've been doing.. HOUSE by house. THIS is my way of giving back. I'm not religious at all. BUT I believe in helping. SO join me in this if you can. IN smal ways. How about things like algebra..I hated, it yet my neighbor from the UK loved it..HE comes over and helps Thor. thats what I mean. WE need to start it smal. let it grow.

I have and do
Couldn't agree more!

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

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