I Corked 400 Bottles of Chardonnay Today

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Going to a prostitution house and only drinking cola and getting no kisses, no smiles.
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Poke Yoke

Since this Thread is your Party, FR, I thought I'd post some Manufacturing bits of interest in this minor Hijack...

In the Wild & Crazy World of High Vacuum Measurement, I first went to Japan on Biz in '83. The small Company CEO put his Money where his Mouth was and hired this aging, Wheelchair-bound Consultant for $10k/day on how to manufacture better/leaner. Decent Money back then.

The thinking that has caused Japan to become the Manufacturing Power they are used the Concept 'Poke Yoke' [PO-kay YO-kay]. It roughly translates as 'Mistake Proofing'. If you need to have an Assembler insert a Part into a Circuit Board, you use a Template where only that Component Slot is visible. Thus, Part insertion is 'mistake proofed'. Lotsa Japanese Workers got really hammered back then as a Cultural practice. So, having Jigs that intrinsically prevented any slop in bolting on, say, a Toyota Car Trunk was a good thing. Japanese Industry Leaders freely admitted to studying and adopting the methods of - wait for it - Henry Ford.

I've run with this Concept my entire Life. Gotta set something down pre-Errand you can't afford to forget? I set it on my SUV Hood. It's impossible to drive off w/o seeing it. Putting up a Curtain Rod above a Floor Heat Vent, or a Sink? Cover the Vent or stopper the Drain to preclude dropping a Screw there. Same with working with Electricity or Propane, since I designed and built our Solar Retirement House. I used a lot of 'intrinsically safe' ideas. Also, a simple House that's easy to 'run' makes Life easier for my Wife.

I got really 'out there' one night Decades ago while designing a huge P.A. System we schlepped around for Concerts. In that altered state, I spec'ed out which Connectors we'd use. I used 'Twist Lok' Electrical Connectors in part. Thus, the Bass/Midrange/Treble Speaker Signals would also go to the proper Speakers Stage-side because it was impossible to cross-connect them and blow stuff up. The Connector Pins are different sizes and orientations in the single Connector. This meant that if we set up the P.A. with a buzz on, mistakes were impossible. No failures ever occurred.

Got some Sober Great Thoughts or Mantras you don't want to forget some morning? Put them on 3 x 5 Cards under your Car Keys the night before. For some, lowering Stress reduces Trigger responses. So, minimizing little 'gotchas' during the day eases Sobriety.

30 years on, and using these Concepts still make Life simpler.
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Originally Posted by matt4x4 View Post
Going to a prostitution house and only drinking cola and getting no kisses, no smiles.
Matt, I'm not exactly sure what your intention was with your post, but it appears you missed the point of my comments. Spending quality sober time with close family members and helping those family members is hardly comparable to visiting a brothel and then not engaging the services of a prostitute.

You apparently don't understand that the presence of alcohol was secondary. Rather, it was the occasion, my desire to help and the interaction with family that were important. And I found the symbolism of "corking" the bottles to be appropriate for my commitment to sobriety.

Smiles--for all the right reasons--were in abundance.
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Originally Posted by gardendiva View Post
Awesome! On any given day you will find me pulling pints and filling wine glasses at my bistro. I usually make the mimosas for Sunday brunch too!

My sobriety isn't dependent on my proximity to the stuff.
Mine neither. There is beer in my house, and wine in the basement (my "drug" of choice) and I never think of them. I told myself four years ago that I'll never drink again, and I won't.

I don't like hanging in bars, though, or parties where everyone is drinking. I'd rather be home or out at a coffee house, having coffee and a piece of cake.
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Feenix, I love your post. It's so nice to be free to go and do and be and engage with others without booze mucking things up.

Like many other posters, being around booze will not make me drink it. I don't want to drink alcohol. If I did, I would. I can be around it, be in places where it's served, I can pour others a drink...none of it matters to me. I don't drink. It's a great feeling not to have an apprehension about it.
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Until a few years ago, I was a Eucharistic Minister at the Catholic church where I attended Mass.

Sometimes I would hand the chalice of wine to communicants and then wipe the edge of it, and other times I would hand out the hosts.

I didn't particularly care for handing out the chalice of wine, but I really liked being a Eucharistic Minister.

My wife and I have a pre-football game barbecue every fall and we serve every conceivable type of non-alcoholic beverage, as well as Bud, Bud Light and Corona (all longnecks).

It doesn't bother me a bit.

I had a real problem being around alcohol for quite a few years, but it doesn't bother me now.
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My sponsor's sponsor owned (both dead now) a very popular bar/steakhouse and when I was under 60 days we had to meet there. Only thing it taught me was I didn't like being around booze. 32 years later, I still don't...
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Great post Feenixx. Inspiring to me. I love the symbolism, thanks for sharing.
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400 bottles of wine in your hand...0 of them drank. I'd say you had a good day!
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