Becoming a Good Citizen

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Becoming a Good Citizen

Through my sober periods, (had nearly 2 years one time), one thing I liked was being able to take the world on face to face.
Now, I can lie to my family, friends, job etc.
But the truth is, unless I can take care of myself and be a proper husband/father/employee, I'm not being the citizen I want to be.
I don't want to be recieving calls from the tax people chasing me up.
Or the credit card people, because I've been drinking and got my finances all screwy.
My aim is to be able to walk down the steet, head held high.
Not avoiding phonecalls from strange numbers in case it's the bank.

I'm so lucky that my situation is repairable. I know other's here are not as lucky.
I''m not sure I put this down right, or that my point came across.
But hell. This is what I've been thinking about.
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Being a better person/citizen is something I'm working on. Since I've gotten sober I got my license back and a job...both were taken away from alcohol. It sounds like you want to better yourself and that's great.
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Good points Eric.

You know, the American Medical Association includes many of them in its definition of stable recovery. It's more than just not drinking. An important part is to be a normal and contributing member of the community.
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There's something to be said for being one among many in certain parts of our lives. Genuine creativity and peace of mind often whisper.
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