Slip/Relapse questions mystify me

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What Leviathan said in Post #17 nails it from my POV.

A discussion with Da Wife a few days ago was useful in clarifying my emerging Alcohol POVs and pragmatic strategies. She wants to have a Dinner Party with ~4 other Couples and thank them for supporting us while building this Solar Retirement House. She peeled off the List of possible Attendees - mostly Drinkers - and I was OK with all them. They're Normies or non-Drinkers, save 1 diminutive Gal Pal of her's who can swill an entire Bottle of Chardonnay solo. Her condition at the end of an evening makes me recall an old Lyric from 'The Alan Parsons Project': 'I wouldn't want to be like you...'

She mentioned another Couple - very light Drinkers - and said, with caution 'Well, they're Drinkers'. I was OK with that. Well known Normies. She started to run with this binary idea that 'a Drinker is a Drinker', and probed about asking some Power Drinkers to join us. I put the Kibosh on inviting them. At the heart of her POV was that any/all Drinkers might cause me Socializing discomfort. Very considerate of her. But, simply not so. She's not yet 'got' the concept that 'some' Drinkers are cool by me. Some modest consumption of Alcohol; some Alcohol-based Events where Folks are there not just to get hammered; some Alcohol in cooking is just fine. Ethanol cooks off to become irrelevant physiologically. If there's some Mental Freak Out about cooking with Alcohol, then that's another issue to be addressed separately in good conscience.

I think. Therefore, I don't knowingly Drink.
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You sure like to play word games. Normally I like word games. But yours seem to be designed to search for loopholes.

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I still think that cooking with alcohol is creating a potential temptation that can be easily avoided, why make recovery harder than it has to be?
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nah, i wouldn't cook or bake with it, or knowingly eat anything that was cooked or baked with it.
why on earth would i???

i don't care, personally, if all the booze is cooked out of it, or 99% or 97% or ant percentage at all.

i also note that neither whatever booze might have been residual or the fact that i now know i ingested baked whiskey set off any worries or any cravings.
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