Kindling experience, anyone?

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Question Kindling experience, anyone?

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading about kindling and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it firsthand?

I think I may be experiencing it? I have never been a chronic alcoholic, but a binge drinker, recovering for a day or two and then back at it again. I drink 2-3 bottles of red wine, 5 days a week. I am petite, 100 lbs 5'3. Anxiety and depression are bad, despite numerous medications. Physical symptoms are unbearable the day after the binge but improve quickly, emotional issues persist.

What is kindling exactly?

Thank you xo
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We can't give medical advice here. If you are having bad withdrawal I'd suggest seeing your doctor for help. And yes, the withdrawals get worse and worse each time.
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I think it's basically when withdrawal symptoms become progressively more acute after each detox - I'm sure a google search will produce a tidier answer than that though .

I've certainly experienced it first hand. I used to be able to drink daily for weeks and quit afterwards with little more than feeling a bit irritable - the last time I drank however, I did so for two weeks and when I tried to quit I had shakes, mild hallucinations, panic attacks etc etc. The doctor warned me that if I started drinking again and had another detox, I could potentially have a seizure and the time after that could progress into full blown DTs! Scary stuff!

If you ever feel fearful or anxious after a binge and/or have any other physical symptom that May alarm you then get to a DR straight away. The quicker you can detox safely, the less likely you'll experience kindling in the future.
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Kindling is the theory that each time you return to drinking after a period of sobriety, the subsequent withdraw is worse. To be frank, if you are drinking 2-3 bottle of wine 5 days a week, you are not really getting any time to withdraw, unless it's always the exact same 5 days drinking follows by 2 off.

That said, you are drinking an extreme amount of alcohol for your size and you should really seek medical assistance if you plan to quit for good. Especially if you are mixing it with several prescriptions. That can be a deadly combo.
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I detoxed many times...

some were rough but I also used to have a lot of what I called 'good' detoxes where I felt really good right away and had no ill effects (those were the times I usually started drinking again right away cos there was obviously no problem right?).

By the end, a decade on, it took me a week to feel vaguely human.

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Hi Dreamer

I would binge drink quite heavily on occasion as well as some sporadic heavy and steady drinking in between with short periods of abstinence depending on lifestyle and circumstance at the time.

My hangovers and depression and irritability were unbelievable by the end because I think I was continually going through cycles of withdrawals\kindling effects. Note - just an opinion not a diagnosis.

Sure don't miss that.
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My last detox was after a short relapse of 6 weeks.
It was horrible and that's how I found SR--googleing for detox symptoms

It actually was worse than when I finally quit after years and years of hard drinking.
I never want to feel like that again.

The good news is I found SR and I am still sober.
Pain is great incentive for change at times.
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I have experienced kindling. It's awful. Until recently I didn't know there was terminology for it, I just knew each withdrawal was stronger than the last. The last one I had (21 days ago) was after 1 day of wine (1bottle); I had not been not drinking for over a month prior and experienced a worse withdrawal than my first one which was after quitting 10 years of heavy wine consumption. Once your body detoxes and goes through it many times over, it taxes your organs and entire system (vitamins etc). When you think you can 'moderate', think again because it will be much worse when you try to stop.
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I believe that every time I went through withdrawal, it was worse. The final time just about killed me. I was in a hospital, and I shook so hard for four days after quitting that I couldn't hold a cup of water to my lips.

That was the time that my husband said NO MORE! I was sent to a Christian Sober living, which was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me. I was there eight weeks (I would have stayed longer, because I felt incredibly safe there, but my husband, who had wanted a divorce, really wanted me to come home!) and I haven't had a drink since, going on six years now.

You can do this. I promise that you'll feel so much better when you get that monkey off your Back!
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Your drinking habits seem to be very similar to mine. Every other day. My symptoms after detoxing for that day are severe anxiety, depression, confusion, feeling weak like my footing isn't that good, and weird tastes in my mouth. Kindling seems to be short term pre delirium tremens thing, but I don't want to go too far down the webmd road because that opens a whole new can of worms.

I just wanted to let you know that I experienced exactly this also. Because you are thin, I would goto your doctor and just be honest with them if you are trying to cut it loose. They may give you a minor sedative to take when you are feeling anxious and some vitamin boosts because your system is relying on the big surge of drinking for nutrients.

Hang in there and stay frosty.
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I always thought kindling was something you cut to light a fire with. Never heard the word used in cinnection with alcoholism.
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Me neither before coming here.
SR helps you learn Mike

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