Who developed a sweet tooth in sobriety?

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I used to work 6-2pm and would start drinking around 3:30-4pm. It's weird ... I now get the sugar cravings around the same time everyday! So it's Reese peanut butter cups during the day, then ice cream at night! A whole bag of bubble gum while driving! Was never this bad. Still woof'n it down with 115 days!
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Originally Posted by MaidenNZ View Post
I'm typing this in between swigging on a bottle of lemonade and shoving chocolate in my gob!
OMG this cracked me up! I have not LOL at a post in a while. Thanks!

Coke Zero and a hershey bar is a small slice of heaven!

I ate ice cream too which was of course chocolate. I think I ate more chocolate bars and ice cream in th last year then I have in the last two decades. Even with all that I lost weight.
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I've just started recovery but on the days/evenings I didn't drink I noticed I was seriously craving sugar. Same as a child, it was addicting!
My dad was a big drinker in his day, a functioning alcoholic....and he ended up developing diabetes soon after he quit cold turkey...and never really got the chance to turn to sugar.
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Four months in and I put away almost a pound of dark chocolate a week. I make myself eat a carrot before I have some chocolate, though, so now I'm eating several pounds of carrots a week too!
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I never used to eat sweets. Now I am an ice cream addict.
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Totally on the ice cream front! I even bought an ice cream machine. Never big into sweets but in all my attempts so far I've gotten really ice cream crazy.
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