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Hillbilly Girl
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Glad you are here Nuudawn
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My heart just grew 10 sizes, so good to see you!
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Yes, I'm with LadyBlue. Glad you are back
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Its a cold and its a broken hallelujah.
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Have you read "Veronicka Decides to Die" by Paulo Coehelo ?

Me thinks you would likey.
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Well that's a gripping title. I will look it up...especially since someone dear to me died on sunday as a result of a devastating relapse into the world of drugs. He had everything going for him in sobriety...everything.. and I can't help but wonder if he..."decided to die". Sunday was the last day I drank. I heard about his death monday night after I had already decided to give sobriety another go. My decision to quit probably had more to do with my bf talking to me about my drinking....he who had only recently given up hidden drug use a week or so before...

My life is probably in more darkness that I actually know...
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Just did an online search with my local library and it's currently "in library". Will try and fetch the book today Alpha.
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Welcome back Nuudawn. I've missed your helpful posts and hope you will continue, Damn this ism is so powerful and can wipe us out so fast. I hope you can do one moment at a time again and be strong and focused. During my repeated periods of self induced pain my shame was so overwhelming I almost gave up until I asked for help.

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Great to see you again Nuudawn. I was thinking about your unfinished song lyric several weeks ago and wondering where you were. I love the lyric and wish I could hear it played.
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Welcome back, Nuudawn!
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Hey Nuudawn. So glad you're back. That go round probably cemented things for you as far as understanding how much alcohol can interfere with the beauty of life. Now you can move forward knowing that question has been asked and answered. xo
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Like the way you put that Soberlicious. Yes indeed it dulls replaces real true connecting moments with artificially conjured ones. It begins to convince you that its existence is required to enjoy's a conman, a liar and a thief.

Feeling good 3 days in : ) Took a book to my favourite vintage diner for breakfast this morning (Veronika Decides to Die, in fact Alpha). Hadn't done that in ages and it's one of my favourite things...somehow forgot that.
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Welcome back nuudawn. Im glad your here. Anyone who can kick this disease to the curb is a hero in my book. Look forward to your posts buddy!
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