I just made 50 days sober.

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I just made 50 days sober.

The struggle is real.
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Hi Hatchman,

Congrats on the 50 days man! That's awesome! And welcome to SR!
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50 days is brilliant, especially if it's a struggle. Don't give up now!
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Welcome to SR Hatchman! It is a struggle in the beginning and the more you do to keep yourself busy the better.

Do you have a program or what are you doing to stay sober?
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way to go Hatchman, the struggle is worth it, keep it up
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Thanks for the support everyone. It means a lot.
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almost can keep staying stopped, don't cave now.....

you have my support, keep posting if things get trickier!!
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Originally Posted by Hatchman View Post
The struggle is real.

The hardest 50 are now behind you, life gets better real soon☀️👍
Keep on 'keepin on..
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Welcome, Hatchman Great job on 50 days!
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Hatchman, 50 days sober is FANTASTIC, congratulations, rootin for ya.
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Great job. It keeps getting better. Keep it up and you'll never have to deal with the early days again.
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50 days is awesome! Be proud and keep up the great work : )
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Welcome to SR Hatchman.

Congratulations on 50days sober,if you are an Alcoholic that is amazing.
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Rock on!
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Welcome Hatchman, congrats on 50 days. Glad you have joined us.
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50 days is wonderful Hatchman. It's good to have you with us.
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Welcome and congratulations hatchman - tons of support here
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Every day gets easier hatchman. Life will get better. I guarantee it. Welcome to sr and congrats on 50 days. That's awesome!
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