Alcoholic intro to the site...

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Alcoholic intro to the site...

I am pathetic.

I have worked at an aerospace company for a while. It is a great job by most accounts, and great benefits.

I have been drinking heavily for several years as a "functioning alcoholic." Once it got serious, I would down a 12 pack a night...then 18, now I can occasionally put down a 24 pack case AFTER I get home from work.

My issue...why I am here is is obviously that...I am an alcoholic.

I have never said those words to anyone... Even anonymously on the internet it feels cathartic to admit it.

I at least have a chance at success, but my alcoholism is destroying me...I feel lazy and unmotivated. I will drink, then get tired...sleep, wake up, brush it off, then rinse/repeat. But I can still put in my 8hrs.

I feel that I have hit an emotional rock life isn't in shambles per-say, but my body is, and I know I am on the brink of self-destruction.

I feel pathetic because I have children who are getting old enough to notice my the beer cans I occasionally temporarily hide in an "unused" cupboard b/c I didn't want to throw them in the daughter recently found some (I saw her...she didn't say anything).

I know they are ashamed and disappointed in me for this.

I know everyone is different. Everyone who has become sober after addiction had done so because of a different catalyst...I'm reaching out here because I never know if this may be mine.

Thanks for reading.
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Welcome to SR, choppa. I'm glad you found us. Most of us have been where you are. There is a lot of support here.

If you realize you have a problem with alcohol, then you are in the right place. We understand what you are feeling and we're here to help you in any way we can.

Hope you'll stick around and read the forums. You are not alone.
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Hello Choppa. this site is filled with great information and supportive people. Welcome to SR
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Now is the perfect time for you to stop. If you accept that you have a problem you are off to a great start. You are far from pathetic. You are a human being that has become dependent on alcohol, like millions before you. You have a great chance to get your life back, and to be the person and parent you want to be. Don't wait another day. Take action and stop. I know you can do it!
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Welcome choppa! This site is great, I needed a change and so I quit. Best thing ever. You can do it.
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You have made the first step and the same one I made a week and a half ago - you realize you have a problem. I have found that after that, the post-denial self examination that follows combined with the studying on the subject and the resounding "wow, that is me!" observations creates a snowball effect in motivation to do something about it. Total change may not happen overnight, but once I realized I had a problem I think I can never be the same just trodding down that destructive path. Best wishes.
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Welcome, choppa! There's a ton of great folks here with a lot of wisdom to offer.

One day at a time.
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Welcome aboard Choppa

if you want to quit, there's no finer source of support than SR

Good to have you here,

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Welcome Choppa. You can do it!. Stay here and start working on your addiction.
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Welcome to SR! I love this site. Everyone is supportive and helpful.

I am glad you are reaching out to us.
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I was drinking a little over 12 pack a day when I quit. When I was younger I drank quite a bit more,especially on weekends. But as I got older,I was ready to pass out at a little over 12 beers.
So I can relate to all of the beer cans. At 12 a day ,thats 84 cans a week. 4300 cans a year. I used to try to conceal them so the neighbors didn't know. There was a recycling dumpster up town not far away,and I would"sneak" them up there. Children are very curious,and there really isn't going to be any long term concealing of over 4300 cans a year is there?
My beer of choice when I quit was Miller light. It was 11 bucks a 12 pack= a little over 4 thousand bucks a year. Over 30 years,that =120 thousand dollars. That is a very very conservative number. Not counting all the extras,like hard liquor,DWI's,and generally blowing money on ridiculous things. Because the fact is. Even when I was sober,I still wasn't thinking clearly. While I was just like you,in the fact that I held down a good job,and did it well. My priorities were all screwed up even when I was sober during the day. I had to be sober quite some time before I realized just how screwed up they were. I didn't realize just what a priority I was putting on the 5 oclock buzz till long after I quit. There were a lot of things I didn't realize.
Admitting the need to quit is a huge start. This is a good place to hang out. Because most here have either been through it,or are going through it. Few people without an alcohol problem understand. Keep comin back.
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Welcome to SR! You've come to a good place for support. We want you to succeed in your goal. We will walk beside you on your sober journey.
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Welcome Choppa xxxx
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