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Today marks my 2 year anniversary of sobriety.

I've tried to celebrate each year with a sort of ritual long walk. With a clear destination. A sort of "up to the mountain" moment, if you will.

So today I walked the entire length of Manhattan island. From the Bronx to the Battery. After 17.4 miles, watching the sun set over the Statue of Liberty was deeply satisfying.

Our bodies are capable of so much. We should never forget it. Even the weakest among us can do so much. See, feel, think, laugh, cry, suffer, exult...

I don't post here much anymore, but this community got me through the early days. Thank you.

One day at a time, tomorrow is another one.

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Congratulations GT

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Congratulations, Gonzo. What a wonderful way to celebrate.
I loved your post and love the idea of a celebration ritual.
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Great way to celebrate, well done
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Congratulations. What a great way to celebrate your sobriety.
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Congrats on 2 years!
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Yes, that's a superb way to celebrate - and a very inspirational post, too
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. Gonzo Congratulations on 2 years! I've never been to NY, sounds like a great achievement to be able to walk on your own power. A gift of Sobriety. Thank you for sharing with me. Bobbi
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Well done! Sounds like a great walk today, and a great tradition you've started. Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for sharing the details with us about your day.
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