Signs of Alcoholism Video

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Signs of Alcoholism Video

I thought this was quite good/accurate

grab media | Signs of Alcoholism

Might be useful to provide to people who are not sure.
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Thanks Mr Tumble.
Some very relevant points were raised there....
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On the 20 questions list, I answered yes to a few, then redid it and I answered yes to a couple. Typical alcoholic mind set. If I am questioning if I am an alcoholic I probably am. Ask a normal drinker if they have a problem, they will say well maybe, 62 years ago I puked on the white shag carpet. Ask an alcoholic if they are an alcoholic and they will say No, and this is why, then proceed to list of examples and insist they are not alcoholic in any way shape or form. We alcoholics are just sick people trying to get better.
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Very timely, as I was just thinking of starting a thread about this. I asked DH about me quitting drinking and said I questioned it because I didn't think it had *that much* control over my life that I'd consider it an addiction. He said "if you're drinking more than you want to" then that's all that matters in defining whether or not you have a problem.

I did used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling awful and telling myself "I'll go without for just one week" and I couldn't even do that. Or I wouldn't feel well the next day. Or I couldn't leave a glass or bottle unfinished. Or I'd always be the one to suggest we have more. Really, I wouldn't have called myself an alcoholic, but it sounds like maybe I was in denial?
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I think "denial" is a bit harsh, it actually takes a while to recognise what alcoholism looks like and to adjust to the idea of being an alcoholic.

Not everyone is drinking a litre of vodka a day, consumption differs from person to person, but as the movie points out, those of us with a problem are drinking too much (amount undefined) and we have problems stopping even when we want to.

You should also become aware that alcohol problems get progressively worse, unfortunately they don't improve on their own by continued drinking Hence the reason that many on the forums abstain from alcohol - we all tried moderation and found it to be a form of self torture, quitting is less painful.
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Thanks, Tumble - a useful video. Had seen it before and the answer for me was a very definite 'Yes!'. Hope you're doing good.
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I was just the opposite. I EMBRACED calling myself an alcoholic. That way, no one was surprised when I was behind their couch upside-down laughing or running around the patio with 18 cigarettes in my mouth and bed pans on my feet. I liked to drink and everybody was darn well gonna' know it. And they all put up with me for for 33 years. I am blessed my family didn't throw me out long ago. I'm blessed my children still talk to me. I'm blessed that I'm sober today. I'm blessed I've only had one husband for almost 26 years. So, there is a flip-side to being an "alcoholic" also. The happy, contented, self-proclaiming drunk that will agree with you every time - "Yes, I'm an alcoholic, and I think I'll just keep on going." I would have been better off years ago if someone had stood up to me - confronted me with the issue. Gave me ultimatums. I had none. When I decided to stop drinking, it was truly for myself. Because I wanted to. Because when I now drink, I do not get drunk. It is just a place of numb that goes to black and wakes up in misery for the next drink. Eager to gulp it down till the pain subsides a little - but never drunk. The video is good for people who deny - but what is there out there for people who had the mindset like I did?
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