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I actually had to "moment of clarity" or "spiritual awakening" or "WTF am I doing" moment in the vet's office preparing to spend thousands of dollars to save a $350 dog.
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All of the dogs I've had in my life have been rescues. I can't imagine buying a dog when there are so many who need homes. Even if you're looking for a specific breed be patient and eventually you'll find one through a rescue or shelter.

My dogs have literally saved my life. Times that I thought of suicide they were one thing that kept me going.
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Behold the power of NO
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Originally Posted by silentrun View Post
I actually had to "moment of clarity" or "spiritual awakening" or "WTF am I doing" moment in the vet's office preparing to spend thousands of dollars to save a $350 dog.
You are joking right? Otherwise
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My dog saved me. I got her when I was nearly a year sober and the responsibility and structure she gave me has been nothing less than a miracle for curing my depression and lethargy. I never understand it why people would give a dog up, as mine was. I always thought I was the most irresponsible person ever but I would give up everything for my dog. I like to think I would have stopped drinking or got it under control if I had got her when I was drinking, but I am not sure I would have. Nothing else ever stopped me. But in sobriety she literally has changed my life
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Originally Posted by Carlotta View Post
You are joking right? Otherwise
True story. He likes to chew fabric and he had gotten his intestines blocked. I had to listen to him cry for hours while I lay on the couch waiting to sober up enough to drive 30 miles in an ice storm to an emergency vet. This after my husband had to go get my 16 year old daughter from the school dance because the cops had caught her drinking (.015) Neither one of those things was directly my fault but I couldn't help wondering if I hadn't been so self absorbed if I could have prevented it.
Daughter getting caught drinking - $100 fine+% hours classroom instruction
Dog chewing blankets - $4000
Figuring out your an alcoholic - priceless
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Behold the power of NO
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Daughter getting caught drinking - $100 fine+% hours classroom instruction
Dog chewing blankets - $4000
Figuring out your an alcoholic - priceless
Oh ok LOL. I thought from your original post that you had the poor dog put to sleep because he cost only $350
I change my score to especially since it gave you your moment of clarity
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My new puppy makes me want to drink, lol.
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I think getting a puppy if you're sober is actually a pretty good idea. A little guy to keep you busy, distract you a little, and keep your mind off alcohol as much as possible. If you're still drinking getting a pet probably isn't the best idea.

Since I'm sober again getting a puppy is something I've considered.
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We have 3 dogs that we rescued but not until after I quit drinking. They certainly help me stay healthy and fit because we walk several miles 2 or 3 times day, every day. I love my dogs and take great care of them.

I am pretty sure that they would have been 3 neglected dogs had I had them while I was actively drinking. My number 1 priority during those days was where my next drink was coming I doubt I would have cared when my dogs had their last walk.
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My girl was going on 16 when she passed away this past June. I was sober for the first half of her life and I was actively drinking the second half. I got sober 2 months before she passed. I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to do what was best for her if I had been in the condition I was in 2 months earlier. The one constant in those 15+ years of sobriety and active alcoholism was her unconditional love for me. I believe that unconditional love helped get me through a lot of dark days and nights, especially during the last couple years of my drinking.

I know I will get another dog one day when the time is right, and I will probably adopt an adult rescue dog. I know it is harder to place adult rescue dogs and I would love to give them a new life and home. If someone is looking to get a new puppy in hopes of it helping you get or stay sober I would say that's a bad idea. Dogs (and puppies in particular) are a big responsibility and require a lot of time and attention, and when I was drinking those were not my strongest attributes. I know I wasn't the best daddy to my pooch during the last few years of my drinking when I started drinking for oblivion, but I believe me and my Abby had been together so long that we were co-dependent on each other.
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The only person who can make yourself happy is yourself.
Getting other people or animals to do your job for you isn't fair to you or the animal.
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And they called it puppy looooooove !!!
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My involvement with dogs- professionally and personally, gives me a reason to get up every day and get moving. They help with my social anxiety because they HAVE to get out on walks. I'm finally able to take them out again by myself without my husband there, and it feels great.

When I was sober for 2 years way back when, I was dealing with agoraphobia in the beginning. I was sober but horribly depressed and wasn't sure if I wanted to keep living.

I ended up with this stray dog that everyone said to put down because he was so emaciated, malnourished, and was having seizures. He was only 30 lbs and should've weighed 75. I told my vet and everyone else "He wants to live!". They looked at me like I was crazy. My vet even tried to guilt me, saying that I was prolonging his suffering. I had to think really hard about that, and I was so worried that I was making the wrong choice.

I saw something in him that nobody else saw. I saw an animal who was beaten down by life- in this horrible circumstance, with everyone giving up on him- but still somehow had a light in his eyes. That's why I thought "He wants to live." I'll never forget seeing that in him- I finally saw it in myself too, even when nobody else did. I knew he needed more from me, so I gave him more. I decided I wanted to live too. I went out of my house to take him on long walks and hikes. And we both made new friends on those trips. Some that I still have today. I know I couldn't have done that for myself- That dog saved my life.

Fast forward 8 wonderful years- filled with ups and downs. Battling my addiction. Getting married, finding a house, settling down. My buddy was still alive. At his full weight, healthy and beautiful. My best friend, & my guardian. No one would've ever guessed his or my background. But not everything was as it seemed.

That was just over 2 years ago... we discovered my angel had untreatable cancer and he died 3 months later. It broke me. My addiction spun out of control, the agoraphobia came back, and finally- here I am.

Thank goodness I had the support of my friends and husband in helping me to care for my other two dogs these last couple of years. I'm finally giving them more- and once again, we're saving each other.

No I don't think puppies cure alcoholism. Nor do I think it's wise to get a puppy in hopes of "fixing" anything. (puppies break stuff!!! especially hearts..;-)) BUT, I do believe that every dog that comes into our lives, has something to teach us about ourselves- in a way that no other creature can. You just have to look for it.

God I miss that dog. :*(
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Sometimes when I am depressed I go to the humane society and pet puppies and kitties. It picks up both of our moods for a little while. We can't solve all each other's problems, but for a few minutes we share a happy time and connection.

I'm not in a position to have a dog or a cat. I have a rabbit. it is the only thing on the planet that has permission to lick my face, and yes he does, and yes it's awesome
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