The best thing about a sober XMas is...

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The best thing about a sober XMas is...

[I am hoping others will join in and add to this list. I'm looking for a little inspiration to keep me focused.]

The best thing about a sober XMas is waking up Christmas morning awake and engaged and there for my kids...not hungover and dragging myself through the holiday.
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Enjoying my family and not being anxious and hungover! Not waking up at 2pm when everybody else has already opened gifts! BEING MYSELF
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The best thing about a sober Christmas is I have no secrets from my loved ones or from God.
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This will be my first sober Christmas, but I anticipate a fabulous Christmas morning! It will be awesome to feel rested upon waking, then, have the desire/energy to be fully present with my family! I'll also enjoy each moment throughout the day, without feeling like I'm going to jump out of my skin, wondering when it will be time to start drinking!

Great thread!
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The best thing about a sober Christmas is that the holidays will almost be over and I'll be closer to having survived this season without a drink!
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voices ca**y
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Not having to make sure to stock up because the liquor store will be closed. Trying not to drink it all Christmas Eve. Then wait for everyone to go home so I can get drunk.
I can't believe I thought that was fun.
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Being in the present moment with family without trying to nurse a hangover or withhold my crazy unadjusted emotions.
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Tonight my family (myself, husband, and our son 22, all in AA) played Games Against Humanity while munching on homemade burgers. This game is so geared for "boys" Simple, FUN, laughing great time ....this is my second sober holiday season. Terrific day!. Bobbi
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Enjoying my lunch instead of falling to it. I love Christmas dinner
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Waking up Christmas morning excited at 7am instead of in a panic at 2am wondering what I said or who I offended Christmas Eve, because I can't remember, because I blacked out.

Starting Christmas with a "Merry Christmas" to my husband instead of an "I'm sorry."
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Hearing everyone else talk about how much "fun" they had last night, but are paying for now.

I might not have had as much "fun" as you past night at the bar, but I'm not worried about passing out/having a seizure/being able to string a few sentences together over Christmas dinner.
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Getting to keep my Christmas money having not spent it on booze.
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* Remembering going to sleep tonight.
* Not seeing the looks in everyone's eyes when I pour "1 more drink" when I've obviously already had too many "1 mores"
* Waking up before noon on 26_Dec
* Waking up tomorrow and not stumbling to the couch to nurse a hangover.
* Being able to drive to the convenience store for ice cream for everyone's evening pumpkin pie.
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not being put into handcuffs which was my trend for christmas
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How true.
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Not maxing my credit card out buying alcohol, and taking until June to have it paid off!!
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enjoying my time with family and friends, not numbing myself simply to escape.

i had one month sober before i drank on the 19th of december. so i survived both thanksgiving, christmas and most every party between. which was hard at first, for some reason the build up to the night, getting ready before the parties is the hardest part. once i am there, i feel a bit stronger and can relax and enjoy myself.

but the food! good god the food. trust me, there was no shame in my snacking game. previously i would skip the snacks because my mind would be set on drinking; however, such is not the case anymore. i jokingly told my sister my jaw was tired from all the chewing i did.
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