5 Months.

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5 Months.

Okay, so I have been at 5 months sobriety before but this is still a huge accomplishment for me because I am a the definition of a relapser. 4months, 6Month, 12 + Month, done them all.
I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced these type of dreams.
- I feel like I have failed and started drinking again. Starting with beer, then going straight back to the bottle. I woke up both Saturday and Sunday and this Monday morning with a gut wrenching feeling that I have failed my sobriety.
Fear of Failure is definitively in my inventory but this is just getting crazy. These just started and it ruins my sleeps.
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Firstly, well done Secondly, these dreams are very common. They do become less frequent over time. I still have them now and again after ten years. I always handle it by telling myself, upon waking up, 'thank God it was only a dream' and charge about with a spring in my step
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Congrats on five months.

I think the negative thoughts of failure are working their way into your subconsious.

Past failures are not determiners of failures in the future. You have every right to believe that success in sobriety awaits you. So ask yourself, where are these negative thoughts coming from? Am I trying to set myself up for relapse because "that's what I do"?
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Congrats on 5 months!!!

i've had those types of dreams too.
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5 months is awesome!

Yes, I had those dreams and they down right suck. I feel all the remorse and regret in my dream as well.

The first time I had a drinking dream I was totally freaked out. I don't have them often but now I looked at for what they are, a dream, but also of how I would feel if I drank again. I kinda hang on to that for a second but then I let it go and I feel grateful that today I am sober.
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