Made it thru first real test!!!!

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Made it thru first real test!!!!

Last night was my first real test!!! My neighborhood has an annual Christmas golf cart parade and lets just say its one big party. There's about 60 GCs in the parade and people deck out the carts. Everyone in neighborhood has parties and sets up bars in driveways and it's a big to do. Every year we put our cart in the parade and deck it out. It's a blast and my kids look forward to it all year. As everyone is lining up there carts and getting ready to go people are ALL drinking and having a great time. I'm usually 10-12 deep and partying it up. Not last night. I'm quite sure I was the ONLY one not drinking. Including the two other families on our cart. You talk about anxiety. And my " buddy " is giving me Sh%t the entire time because of course I'm usually the ring leader. I didn't cave though as badly as I wanted to. Then back to a house for a neighborhood party. I couldn't believe it but I actually had a great time. I was able to carry on conversations without wondering if people were noticing I was hammered or how am I going to get another beer when I just got one two minutes ago and it's already gone. And I woke up this morning feeling like a champ. Felt like caving a few times but definately wasn't going to let it happen. Not throwing away these hard fought 41 days. One test down, I'm sure many more to go.

41 days sober and grateful. MB8
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great stuff MB8 - don't let your guard down, but it does get easier

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Well done MB. Our first sober holiday season is challenging, but as Dee said it gets easier. I rarely think of drinking now - and I once couldn't imagine the holidays without it.
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That's brilliant!! x
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Well done!! Glad you found out you could have a good time without drinking

Hugs and prayers,

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Great job, MB8! Keep it coming!
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That sounds really fun! So glad you rode it out and had fun in the process. And thanks for sharing your story, we NEED to hear the success stories!
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Great to hear that you were successful! Think about this like your sober muscle is getting stronger - take your can-do attitude here and what you have learned, and get all mindful about it, just as you are doing now.

Well done.
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Good job!
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Fantastic MB8
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