Family Gatherings

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Family Gatherings

I don't know what it is about the mention of family get togethers that strikes the fear of God into me. It's like a knife in my stomach. Is this just me?

My sister called today and said she is having a dinner thing for her mother in law. My mum was all "we have to go". I just said "I am not going, sorry" and left it at that. I find family functions are a real trigger for me so I was delighted with myself for having courage to do this. It was incredibly freeing...Up until now I would have gone and hated every's hard to explain, I love my family but I hate them all together if that makes sense?

Anyway, I am still under the weather. I have Bell's Palsy and I am constantly exhausted. I still can't smile on the right side, but my eye is improving. I can close it all the way now which is a good sign. I am having physiotherapy and seeing my doctor next Tuesday.

With all this free time, I have been doing some reading about Co dependency which people have mentioned to me here. It is very interesting. I am also going away for a week in two weeks time. I am not going to drink on holiday, just to relax and get a bit of sun, do some walking and eat good food, fresh fish and that. I am excited about that I think the break will be good. I hope to be much better when my brother comes back for Christmas

Hope you are all well.
Love and hugs,
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Yes, I can relate. I have posted about this as well. I dislike family gatherings and have decided not to spend T-giving with them. They are selfish and proud of it. Thanks for sharing, I realize I'm not the only one who deals with this.

I have decided to go out of town, I think, instead. Should be ok.
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