I lost my shoes

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I lost my shoes

Things are getting better. I recall once leaving my house after a heavy drinking night where I blacked out (which frequently happened) and wondering where my friggin shoes were. After searching all over the house that overwhelming feeling of anxiety came over me. You know the feeling! Having some brief flashback moments of being at the neighbors down the street I reluctantly knocked on the door to face my humiliation. There were my shoes. I never stayed long enough to figure out what exactly happened. I assume good night was said and walk homeÖwithout any shoes. Everyone does that right? How many times does your company come back the next day to pick up their shoes? Itís just a little reminder when my alcoholic minds tells me I am not an alcoholic I need to remind myself of these little & sometime very BIG mishaps due to drinking. Today, I thank God that I donít have to live like that anymore.
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The last time I attempted to drink at a bar I left my debit card. I was so drunk someone had to help me home and they were not someone I knew well. I don't remember much.

I went back the next day to get it and when they gave it to me I ordered a drink! They did not serve hard liquor because it was Sunday so I went home and drank. The incident did not make me to want to stop drinking, it only caused me to realize I could not drink in bars anymore. Insanity!

I am grateful I do not have to live that way anymore. I am free and I thank God for that.
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I dated a girl who used to always lose her shoes in a blackout drunk. Even in the middle of winter and we'd be walking home from a bar! In the snow! She's got 9 years sobriety under her belt now, one day at a time.

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gosh i never lost my shoes. i think i freak if i did not rememeber, cause that tells me i went some where and more than likely made a fool out of my self.
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nothing like walking home in the winter without shoes
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I've never lost my shoes per-say but I've done lots of stupid stuff...

I've left cell phones and scarves in taxi cabs, left my entire purse places... OH my worst was when I came to, wondering around the streets by the bar I had been at, didn't have my purse or my cell phone, found a random place to sleep, and luckily my cell phone was returned by some random person the next day. The purse was never to be found -- nobody ever even attempted to use any credit cards or anything... lucky.
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