stressed out

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stressed out

I know this is not related to drinking but I just needed to post. At work one of my coworkers got in trouble with management for something that I don't know what about but I kind of have an idea of what it might be about. she thinks I tattled on her and I never did that. I saw her doing something wrong one night but I never told on her not the kind of person that I am. I have to work with her today and Im going to have to try and get her to see that it wasn't me. I didn't tell anyone else either about what I saw. This is stressing me out in the past I would have quit over things like this happening at work. Now I handle things differently. My coworkers are all fighting at work and there is drama going on. When my temporary employment ends Im going to get into the field I graduated with a degree in social work. Right now I am going to start two online social work courses in October. Im hoping to get a job in social work or go back and get a masters. Im grateful for this job it took me a year and a half to find. I just am finding it stressful dealing with my coworkers. I need to find a way to make her see I didn't tattle on her. I don't want everyone to think I am a brownnoser. I should pray to my higher power right now for guidance.
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thats a tough one if you dont find a solution there is nothing wrong with trying not to worry about it and grinning and bearing the situation. Besides tommorow is a new day you can try again all over again.

I dont get along with co-workers either seldomly anyway. I worked retail for years in a setup where i worked with just one co worker at a time this worked out really well and I liked those folks but I despised most of the customers. But oddly I was the most satisfied in that job. Unfortunatly that line of work wont feed my family *sigh*.
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I'd leave it alone. You don't have to defend yourself if you didn't do anything. The truth will be known in time anyway.
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What other people think about me isn't my business. I'd keep my eye on the prize: the degree. I'd try to stay in the eye of the hurricane, too. If your higher power led you to it, your higher power will get you through it!
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i am faced with this every day at work. he said, she said stuff. i mind my own and dont get involved. i dont talk behind peoples back. when i do have a problem with some one, i confront them and discuss it and after a while, most people know i am like that. when i hear rumors about me,, so what, i dont care. i mind my own. all i care about is what my manager thinks, that is all i care about.
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