Is this an alcoholic or an alcohol abuser?

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P,S. I went into de-tox center for 3 days. Kept thinking shouldn't I be going through withdrawals, physical pain or discomfort? IDK, but went straight to a 30 day women only rehab immediately.
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Amount doesn't matter. The issue is simple. Does it routinely lead to life problems? If so, it's an issue and needs to be addressed. Labels be damned.

When you get some MONTHS of sober time under your belt MIGHT be the right time to have a conversation. 10 days, no, I don't think so.
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I was surprised how hard it was on my marriage when I quit. I was sincerely expecting miracles and I was sorely disappointed. Luckily, I heard early that one shouldn't make any serious relationship moves until after a year or two so I have been waiting it out and I'm glad that I have.

In the two years since I quit I have gone through many changes. It's all for the good but it's a heavy trip to lay on someone else.

Alcoholics and "normal" drinkers alike are frequently uncomfortable around people who have actively rejected drinking. This is even true of people they love.

I won't buy wine anymore unless she sneaks a cheap bottle into the shopping cart once in a while. I still can't go in the wine aisle even though my DOC was beer. Weird.

I still cover the check when we go out to eat but I get resentful if I have to pay for too many drinks. Money is always a marital issue.

I honestly don't know how much my wife drinks or whether it has changed since I quit. I can only account for my own drinking.

Ten days is great. Keep it rolling!
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