Unreal feeling?

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Unreal feeling?

Has anybody else felt like everything isn't real and feels like a ghost? It's so hard to explain, but that's the best I can explain it. I've felt like this for about 2-3 years now and it's very unnerving.
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I have. Like we didnt stop drinking that day, we actually died, and all this has been the dreams of a ghost since. Being in reality, but not properly connecting...
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2-3 years?
have you seen someone about it, Lindsay?

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yea i had these feelings. i did some deep thinking about that. i even saw a therapist during my alcoholism. she said that i had these feelings more than likely cause i has unresolved issues that i need to resolve. i also knew i had self esteem issues and i had to work on them. i still get these at times, but no where like before.
if you can afford to see a therapist, try to see one. i know they can be expensive for some. also i went to the public library and checked out a few self hep books, which also helped out. also you can go to the chat room and get real time help.
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Lindsay - are you 2-3 years sober? Or has this last 2-3 years of this "feeling" happened to you as an active drinker?
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I have felt this way being an active drinker and being sober. I'm one week sober now. I have told a lot of doctors, but they have all shrugged it off saying it's just the alcohol.
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I have felt like this for a number of years too. One could argue that I've been drinking all those years but my drinking has only been "a problem" for...oh Lordy, the whole time! Lol well then... But regardless of whether its alcohol or not, I do believe its a symptom of depression. For me, it's a sense of unreality and numbing. Two years ago, my brother my shot himself at just 22 years old. It was probably the most earth shattering thing that's ever happened in my life. I was back at work and back to school within two days. That's it. I didn't cry at the funeral. Within a few weeks it was as if it never happened. It's like I hit an off switch in my brain. It still hasn't surfaced completely. It tries to come up to the surface in my brain once in a while but I actively shut those thoughts down immediately and move onto something else ASAP when that happens.

I'm scared honestly to lose that detachment from reality and numbness when I've been sober for a while. But I guess part of the reason I've been drinking like I have is to keep all these things down.
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Been sober for almost two months and have a similar feeling. At times, suicide is becomes a much more attractive alternative.
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google "feeling unreal DSM"
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I don't think that this is the sole realm of mental health specialists , it sounds more in the wheel house of philosophy departments.
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Originally Posted by Lindsaysg13 View Post
Has anybody else felt like everything isn't real and feels like a ghost? It's so hard to explain, but that's the best I can explain it. I've felt like this for about 2-3 years now and it's very unnerving.
There was at least one other thread on this topic and, as I recall, there are also threads on this issue in the Mental Health section.

What you're describing is known as 'derealization' or 'depersonalization' in psychiatry and psychology, and they are also described as "dissociative states." Derealization is the mind's way of protecting us against increasing anxiety, unmanageable stress or other emotional trauma. This particular sleight of mind tells me that if what I'm experiencing is not "really" happening, then it is also not really happening to me. Derealization is a first-cousin of denial. There are many causes for derealization, including panic attacks, major depression and PTSD. By itself, it's not a fatal condition, but it's always best to see a trained professional in order to work through it.

In cases of multiple personality disorder (i.e., dissociative personality disorder), the mind creates alternate personalities, usually during childhood, in order to avoid the pain of ongoing abuse and trauma.

The physical analogue for dissociative states is when our bodies go into shock in response to intense physical trauma. In each case, the mind and body is protecting us from overwhelming pain.
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For me it was a result of 'dissociating' my feelings.
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ENDGameNYC is right, I sometimes get those "I am not in my body" sensations and have since 2001-2002 when I got my first depression and anxiety attacks. That academic year was killing me, biochemistry in particular.
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Thanks for clarifying that for me Lindsay. I think it's something many people experience for a while.

If you're concerned, my original suggestion still stands I think - go and speak with a Dr

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Hi Lindsay,

Dissociation (derealisation and depersonalisation) were disabling symptoms I experienced in my first 4-6 months of sobriety. There's some excellent information floating about (could someone find the digipharm link for me please?) about Post-acute withdrawal symptoms/syndrome and in essence-or at least one notion behind it-is your mind trying to reach a state of equilibrium.

My Psych said in my case and knowing my history, that it's a very basal and protective mechanism against anxiety-like my anxiety became so great, part of me shut down frequently.

Today, I often get similar symptoms if i'm overtired or quite hungry-I often get confused and think i'm mildly dissociative-nope, usually just in need of a snack or a nap!

Hope this helps-it does get better!

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I lived with that feeling on and off for years, for me it was disassociation, probably made worse by alcohol.
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