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What to Expect with PAWS

I know I can go read about this online, but I'd like to get some first hand accounts from some of you fine people about what PAWS was like for you. I'm 4 months sober today and I have some minor anxiety here and there but I am still continuing to feel better overall with time. Can I expect things to get any worse for a period than they are now? At what point did these symptoms appear for all of you? I'm about to move to Chicago for three months to due an internship which could be stressful so I just want to be prepared.
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silentrun (08-30-2013)
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Well, I don't think I went into full-blown PAWS until I was six months sober. And from the time I got sober until then, I didn't have mild anxiety, but rather full blown panic attacks. I only left my condo to attend AA or NA meetings from the time I was about four months sober. I had severe agoraphobia, paranoia, constant ringing in my ears, loopy, continuous negative thoughts, difficulty concentrating on anything, uncoordinated, my hands shook for nearly a year...

...so if at four months you only have mild anxiety and can judge progress from week to week, I would say you are probably going to be fine.
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No matter how you feel when you are going through PAWS, the most important thing to know is that it isn't a sign that your recovery is weak or that a relapse is imminent.

I seem to recall fuzzy thinking, emotional swings, pangs of regret for the years I spent wastefully drinking, and urges to drink over things I thought I had learned to handle, like anger...

Just knowing about PAWS and that it could be expected got me through it. Going to Chicago this early in recovery is going to put some stress on you. Stay vigilent over your sobriety.
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LDT (08-30-2013), Vicki31 (08-30-2013)
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On the march class where we are all nearing six months we all started getting different issues, and finally twigged we were all getting PAWS. I had trouble sleeping and was grumpy ( very unlike me!) others were irritable, getting AV bother, depression, a lot of the PAWS symptoms. They come and go, I'm sleeping better but don't leave me near a loaded gun and an queue!!

Whatever the symptoms, anything is better than the hangovers the shame and the guilt
Even though we haven't all travelled down the same road, we are all on the same journey.

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hope22 (08-30-2013), jaynie04 (09-01-2013), LDT (08-30-2013)
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You don't have to get any!
How fantastic you've got 4 months,
More importantly is how to maintain clarity and vision and keeping on improving life is there with you, no bars holding you back.(forgive the pun).
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jaynie04 (09-01-2013)
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Thanks for the input guys. I've noticed when I get a good amount of sleep and exercise it becomes basically a non issue. So just have to keep doing that
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Well done on 4 months sober, you are doing great. PAWs is linked with blood sugar irregularities. Cut out sugar, caffeine, and eat regular protein rich meals and alochol induced depression and anxiety will diminish massively.

Best Wishes
There are no benefits to drinking alcohol, all perceived benefits in fact have the opposite effect on one's life.
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